United Fresh Produce Association To Host Recall Training Seminar

United Fresh Produce Association is hosting a seminar on how to handle a product recall, "Training for a Recall, Communicating Under Fire," May 27-29 at the Embassy Suites Monterey Bay-Seaside in Salinas, CA. The seminar, which is sponsored by Syngenta, offers a hands-on, real-world primer on the ins and outs of product recalls for a company staffs. The program helps produce companies prepare for and defend against the havoc that a recall can wreak on a business.

The course includes a two-day workshop on preventing a product recall from becoming a crisis, as well as a half day of media training. The first part of the seminar emphasizes the legal liability and implications of a recall, the role of testing in the decision making process, the importance of traceability, and how to apply a crisis plan to product recall situations. The second part features training by communications and public affair specialists on delivering messages under the pressure of a real-life interview. The class size for the media training is limited and requires a separate registration.

You can register for the seminar at www.unitedfresh.org/programs/recall.

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