USDA Spreads The Word About Citrus Diseases

USDA Spreads The Word About Citrus Diseases

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The Save Our Citrus program is intended to inform the public about citrus diseases that can damage citrus agriculture, such as citrus greening (HLB), citrus canker, citrus black spot and sweet orange scab. The USDA is encouraging people to get connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr in order to support the cause, spread the word, and stay updated on the latest citrus alerts.

Adding Save Our Citrus on these social media sites will grant followers access to the latest citrus news, helpful links, tips, citrus disease photos, and even citrus recipes such as lemon bars and orange scones.

The USDA is encouraging people to follow Save Our Citrus through social media. The more the public learns about the harmful effects of citrus diseases on the citrus market and how to report suspected disease, the easier it will be to identify and respond to outbreaks to prevent further disease spread. Getting the word out about citrus disease will help to preserve the health of citrus plants in the U.S. and surrounding territories.