Variety File: NESeed

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Variety File: NESeed

Looking good is the name of the game for several varieties from NESeed. A hybrid pumpkin, Flatso is an edible variety that weighs between 6 and 8 pounds and boasts a flat, oval shape, moderate ribbing, and burnt-orange skin.

A golden straightneck summer squash, Sligo is an early, heavy producer with an open-bush habit and low canopy. It is ideal for packing and restaurant use.

Offering superior flavor is Napoli, a Tuscan melon. Weighing between 3 and 3.5 pounds, this melon has a bright-orange flesh, tight, compact cavity, naked sutures, and strong netting. Tolerances include Fusarium wilt race 1, powdery mildew race 1 and 2, and various podi viruses.

Also boasting a strong disease package, Red BLT tomato has intermediate resistance to Verticillium, Fusarium 1 and 2, and Alternaria stem canker. This semi-determinate tomato features a large, flattened globe shape, high lycopene content, uniform ripening, and extended shelflife.

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