Vegetable Crop Outlook 2012

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Vegetable Crop Outlook 2012 ctd.

Jason Turek

Jason Turek
Turek Farms, 
King Ferry, NY

Q1.  We had a lot of problems at the end of the year with the rain. In general, though, the price was better this summer because yields were way down. It was about one-third of what we normally would have harvested. Yields improved dramatically in August. The yields came up and the price came down and then it flip-flopped in September when the storms came through. We had yield and quality problems because of the rain, but the price was pretty steady.  

Q2.  We pretty much do the same thing here from year to year. We don’t tend to change our acreage of green beans or other crops a whole lot. Again, labor continues to be a problem. If field corn and soybean prices stay up, that is a pretty attractive alternative to growing a lot of the vegetables we grow.

Q3.  My first answer is that we would probably convert to field corn and soybeans, but I really don’t know. We will be in big trouble if E-Verify passes.

Q4.  Labor will be the biggest issue and then food safety, which continues to be a top priority.

Q5.  Government regulations will dictate how we will move forward. Every year we wait for something big to happen with the H-2A program or something better to come along, but it has been years of promises and nothing happens.  

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