Weed Management Survey

Weed control can be a challenge in vegetable crop production, particularly where options are limited or when consumers demand that vegetables be produced under organic or “green” production systems. Technologies are under development that may help, and in some cases provide an opportunity to assess the need for chemical herbicides for weed control. We know that weed control will remain a priority for most vegetable growers.

American Vegetable Grower invites you to complete a weed management survey developed in cooperation with AgInfomatics, LLC that asks growers about their current weed control practices and their views on the newest technologies emerging for weed control. The purpose of this survey is to help develop research priorities, and to identify critical issues associated with weed management in vegetable production.

We appreciate you for taking time (approximately 7 minutes) to complete this basic, nine question survey. Click here to be taken to the survey.  

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