Wireworm-Tolerant Potatoes

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Potato Varieties

The South American potatoes used in the wireworm research were obtained from NRSP-6, the United States Potato Genebank in Sturgeon Bay, WI. The mission of the NRSP-6 Potato Genebank is to facilitate improvements in the potato of the future by promoting the use of valuable exotic genes found in wild potato germplasm. Small tubers are typical of wild potato species, but they represent a veritable treasure chest of genetic diversity for potentially useful traits that may someday be bred into new varieties. These new varieties must be able to overcome the challenges of pests and stresses with less dependence on chemical fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides. NRSP-6 is doing this through a five-fold approach: acquisition, classification, preservation, evaluation, and distribution of potato germplasm. NRSP-6 is the only federal facility designed to support the germplasm needs of the U.S. potato industry, and it is widely regarded as the most comprehensive collection in the world.

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