11 Top-Notch Sweet Corn Varieties For 2016

11 Top-Notch Sweet Corn Varieties For 2016

This month’s variety specs feature highlights 11 top-notch sweet corn varieties submitted to us from the nation’s leading seed breeders and distributors.


Traits highlighted include superior eating quality, attractive husks, good resistance packages, and high yields. Read on for more details.


Rispens_2472 XR

2472 XR
Breeder: Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.
Distributor: Rispens Seeds, Inc.
Ear length: 8 inches
Type: Bicolor, augmented supersweet (sh2)
Fresh market/Processing: Fresh market
Disease resistance/Tolerance: High resistance to common rust (RpG gene)
Days to maturity: 74
Yield potential: High
Region(s) best suited for production: Northeast, Midwest
Other attributes: Outstanding eating quality, attractive dark-green husk, large ear size, excellent husk cover