5 Consumer Trends Growers Should Know About

5 Consumer Trends Growers Should Know About

Cucumber in the field


As a member of the agriculture industry, it’s important to stay on top of the most recent consumer trends related to your product. Below is a list of five trends that stood out the most in the past year:

1. Local consumption over organic: Within the last couple years, the trend to buy fruits and vegetables at the local level vs. purchasing organic has taken off; so much so that recent studies conducted by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) show that 69% of consumers valued locally produced fruits and vegetables and saw it as a “desirable trait,” compared with only 29% of consumers that saw organically produced fruits and veggies as favorable. Overall, 72% of consumers expressed that they frequent restaurants that serve local foods, and the trend is due in good part to consumers’ interest in investing more into their local economies.
75% of consumers were cited as purchasing organic products for consumption in their homes, and over the last several years they’ve become even more selective with their “non-conventional” food purchases. For example, the study showed that consumers are willing to pay up to 33% more for organic milk, but only 15% more for products labeled natural.

On a different note, more and more frequently, land that was formerly occupied by abandoned buildings is being converted into spaces to farm fresh, locally grown produce. This type of farming has changed the consumer dynamic as it relates to their food purchases. Furthermore, it’s becoming a viable way to manage urban poverty by increasing lower income residents’ access to quality food.

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