Florida Farm Winning Case for Medicinal Cannabis License

Florida Farm Winning Case for Medicinal Cannabis License

Ruskin, FL-based 3 Boys Farm has finally received the news it has been waiting for. An Administrative Law Judge with the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) has entered a Recommended Order in which it was agreed the USDA-certified organic grower was qualified and should be awarded a medical cannabis dispensing license in Florida’s Southwest Region. 3 Boys Farm, along with nearby grower Plants of Ruskin, had presented its case to the DOAH in August 2016 and have been waiting ever since.


Robert Tornello, President of 3 Boys Farm, stated, “We have always believed 3 Boys Farm would prevail, and we are so proud of the incredible people who’ve stood alongside us all these months, never giving in. But we’re pleased that the judge recognized that both 3 Boys and Plants of Ruskin were qualified to grow medical cannabis in Florida.”

Tornello added that he and his team are looking forward to working with the Department of Health in the coming months.

Currently, there are six licensed medicinal cannabis nurseries spread over five regions in Florida. Alpha Foliage/ Surterra Therapeutics has been the sole license holder in the Southwest Region up to this point.