Food Safety Modernization Act Is On The Plate

Food Safety Modernization Act Is On The Plate

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law by President Obama in January 2011. In the following years, growers have been playing a waiting game to learn what the final rules and regulations will look like. The waiting game is about over as FDA prepares to announce the final rule.


food safety plateBy the time the 2014 Florida Ag Expo rolls around on Nov. 5, it is likely much more will be known about FSMA’s final rule and its impact on farming and packing operations. For that reason, a special session will be dedicated to the law and what growers need to know about the new regulations.
Of special emphasis during the Expo session will be how irrigation and other farm water will be regulated under the law. New testing and water treatment requirements have been areas of considerable concern to the ag community.
Here are a few highlights of this year’s Florida Ag Expo food safety session.*

FSMA Final Rule Update

Presented by Dr. Marianne Fatica, this primer from the FDA produce food safety staffer, will give perspective from someone who’s been closely involved with FSMA as rules were written.

Answering Questions About FSMA And Water

  • What are the new standards?
  • What types of water is covered?
  • What are you required to test for?
  • How frequently do you have to test?
  • What does the research show we need to do?
  • Are there any scientific alternatives to the regulations?
  • How should I treat my water if it’s out of regulation?

Microbial Sampling: Is It Necessary?

The presentation will feature methods to sample for microbes that can affect food safety. In addition, presenters will provide guidance on what testing results mean and how to address problems identified by testing.

*Subject to change

For the seventh consecutive year, DuPont Crop Protection is sponsoring special coverage of the Florida Ag Expo with pre- and post-event content. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.