Linkfresh ERP Technology Provides A Comprehensive Traceability Solution For Growers

Linkfresh ERP Technology Provides A Comprehensive Traceability Solution For Growers

The use of information technology and ERP solutions gives vegetable growers and retailers the critical tools they need to accurately monitor produce from field to fork. This insightful and highly detailed information captured and delivered by Linkfresh ERP technology helps fresh produce companies efficiently track and trace all aspects of a product’s journey from planting and harvest, to raw material intake, production, to where it goes when it leaves the pack house.



Linkfresh ERP solutions also increase visibility of stock movements, improve quality control data and reduce waste.

Replacing manual tracking methods with software specifically designed for this industry ensures information is available virtually instantaneously at every step of the process. In a manual, paper-bound process, data is only available to people with access to the physical paperwork. With its electronic equivalent, the information can be shared immediately with the wider workforce to inform a number of business areas. This enables management to strategically manage business decisions and, when needed, to take rapid, pre-emptive actions to head off a potential customer relationship issue, such as a quality problem or order shortages.

In addition, the information on produce origins and final destination essential to perform a comprehensive and efficient product recall procedure can be collated in minutes rather than the several hours taken to process the manual paper trail.

However, at the moment, the reality is that in most cases food safety monitoring or traceability processes still use manual, paper-based checks which are time consuming and carry a high risk of error and non-compliance compared with using an automated electronic data capture solution.

The ability to understand and comply with government regulations, such as the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), will require companies to invest in more sophisticated IT solutions to ensure they maintain accurate records. Modern ERP Solutions and remote mobile applications can provide the seamless integrated traceability back to the grower and field location and field quality records, along with lot pack date.

Source: Written by Carl Iversen, Vice President of Product Development, Linkfresh, [email protected]