New App Calculates Application Rates Of Micronutrient-Enhanced Sulphur Fertilizers

New App Calculates Application Rates Of Micronutrient-Enhanced Sulphur Fertilizers

A new app that will help agronomists and growers determine the precise amount of micronutrient-enhanced sulphur fertilizers required to optimize crop yields is available from H.J. Baker, a global agriculture firm.


Successful growers know sulphur and micronutrient deficiencies prevent maximum crop response. The challenge is applying the right quantities precisely.

Using the micronutrient enhanced sulphur application rate guide developed by Tiger-Sul Products, a wholly-owned subsidiary of H.J. Baker, helps calculate the precise quantities to apply. The app version makes the rate guide accessible on mobile devices and gives users a calculator at their fingertips. The app also has detailed information on micronutrients, crop deficiency symptoms, and connects quickly with fertilizer specialists by phone and email.

Wesley Haun, research agronomist at H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul Products said: “We are always looking to create and provide innovative tools to agronomists and farmers. Our calculator is a management decision aid to determine appropriate rates of sulphur and micronutrients application that will result in maximum crop yields.”

The app is available at Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android users. It calculates micronutrient enhanced sulphur fertilizer application rates for: magnesium, boron, iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

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Source: H.J. Baker news release

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