New Organic Herbicide For Western U.S.

Sym-Agro, a leading provider of unique products to the agriculture and horticulture markets, announces that it has formed a distribution agreement with Cutting Edge Formulations, Inc. to distribute their line of organic herbicides in the Western U.S. AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide and Avenger Weed Killer are non-selective, post-emergent, fast acting organic herbicides that safely kill weeds, grasses and broadleaves. Going forward, Sym-Agro will be a primary distributor of Avenger products and provide support to other distributors in this region.

Peter Bierma, president of Sym-Agro, Inc. commented: “We are very pleased to add the Avenger line of organic herbicides to our growing portfolio. There is an increased need for effective weed control in organic production and after studying the Avenger product, we feel it is the best option on market in terms of effective weed control and handler safety.”

Joe Jankauskas, president and CEO of Cutting Edge Formulations, Inc. commented: “The active ingredient in AvengerAG and Avenger Weed Killer is an emulsified d-limonene (citrus oil), which acts as a natural degreaser. It strips away the waxy surface of weeds, for a quick non-selective desiccation without the need for direct sunlight or warm temperatures — something other natural products can’t do. This opens up the opportunity for early season weed control, when weeds are smaller and more susceptible to herbicide treatments and less apt to recover. Avenger is fast acting; typically weeds will show darkening of the foliage within hour. On hot days, weeds can burn down in less than a day.

Avenger Weed Killer has been field-tested in both university and independent studies. It was found to be as effective, but faster acting, when tested against the leading synthetic herbicide glysophate. When tested against ‘natural’ herbicides, Avenger Weed Killer is more effective and faster acting. Avenger Weed Killer has been in the retail market since March of 2006 and along with AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide, is non-toxic and can be used around pets and wildlife.”

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