New Pumpkin Varieties from Outstanding Seed Co., LLC.

New Pumpkin Varieties from Outstanding Seed Co., LLC.



Apogee is the largest powdery mildew-resistant pumpkin, with an average size of 40 to 50 pounds and a maturity of 105 days. The dark-orange fruit shows good ribbing and features extra-large handles. Apogee plants have large vines and growers report three to four large fruit per plant.




Summit Pumpkin from Outstanding Seed

A standard of comparison for large-fruited pumpkins,Summit’s fruit averages 30 to 40 pounds and is dark orange in color with nice ribbing.Summit’s handles are durable and black in color. The semi-bush plant has a fruiting maturity of 95 days and is homozygous resistant to powdery mildew.




Everest Pumpkin from Outstanding Seed

Everest, a semi-bush hybrid pumpkin, also has homozygous resistance to powdery mildew.  The variety sports large handles with very dark-orange color, and averages 35 to 45 pounds.




Rascall Pumpkin from Outstanding Seed

Rascall PMRR
The pink-fruit Rascal PMRR displays homozygous resistance to powdery mildew, and heterozygous resistance to watermelon mosaic virus and Phytophthora. Rascal PMRR has thick, fine-grained orange flesh that makes for excellent eating. Fruit is flat, deeply furrowed and semi-hard shelled, and average 30 to 40 pounds.