New Video Series To Enhance Safety And Efficacy of Spray Applications

New Video Series To Enhance Safety And Efficacy of Spray Applications

An educational video series on Total Spray Droplet Management – a best practices platform for spray applications has been developed by Precision Laboratories. The eight-part video series, developed in association with the University of Illinois, covers key topics such as agronomics, droplet spectrum, nozzle types, system pressure, calibration, use of adjuvants, and how weather and other interactions affect application.


“We believe the safety and efficacy of spray applications can be enhanced by managing factors in the tank, through the air and on the target,” said Jim Reiss, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Precision Laboratories. “In addition to increased government regulations, consumers are more aware of spray applications we are making, as well as management practices on the farm. By focusing on the entire life cycle of the spray droplet, applicators are better able to protect the people and the environment around them while maximizing product performance.”

In addition to Reiss, the Total Spray Droplet Management series features Dr. Scott Bretthauer, former Extension specialist in Application Technology from the University of Illinois. Both Reiss and Dr. Bretthauer cover the science behind key topics and best practice recommendations, which include understanding droplet size and spectrum, the importance of selecting the right nozzle for various applications and how adjuvants play a role in droplet formation and retention.

“We are excited to partner with the University of Illinois to bring this educational series to the ag industry,” Reiss added. “Many applicators think about managing drift control, but that’s only one part of the process. By understanding how to manage the droplet through its entire life span, applicators are better able to ensure applications are right, from the start.”