‘Next Generation’ Of 1-MCP Postharvest Technology Gets EPA Approval

‘Next Generation’ Of 1-MCP Postharvest Technology Gets EPA Approval

Decco/ESSENTIV today announced EPA registration of TruPick, the next generation in 1-MCP technology for apples, pears, and selected fruits and vegetables for postharvest freshness management, delivering just-picked quality by controlling the undesirable effects of naturally occurring ethylene during storage and/or transport to market.


TruPick delivers the well understood benefits expected from 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) in a novel, micro-adsorbent technology and is the first gel formulation in water soluble pouches.

TruPick performance has been rigorously evaluated in many of the globally important apple markets and confirmed by private and university researchers as highly effective in maintaining firmness and suppressing ethylene production in both RA (refrigerated air) and CA (controlled atmosphere) storage.

TruPick is a proprietary and patented release system, discovered and developed by Dr. Nazir A. Mir (MirTech, Inc.), an industry leader in the development of novel products and packaging solutions for pre and postharvest ripeness management and distributed by Decco, a leader in postharvest products and services for fruits and vegetables, now expanding further into storage solutions. MirTech and Decco bring specialized postharvest technical expertise and service to assure optimal results.

“We believe that TruPick and other new products in our pipeline and the Decco Worldwide technical, sales and service organization will not only deliver the same well-known benefits packers expect from 1-MCP but also unlock value to expand its use to more packers and to more fruit and vegetables as we pursue registrations in all key markets around the world,” says Dr. R. Lynn Oakes, Global Project Manager for Decco Worldwide and General Manager for ESSENTIV.

With 15 operating entities around the world and more than 90 years of experience in decay control, Decco, offers customized solutions and expertise in coatings, fungicides, cleaners, sanitizers, growth regulators, and anti-scald products for postharvest and storage to producers of fruits and vegetables.  Decco also provides equipment and services to packinghouses including monitoring of fungicide residues, fungal assays, and resistance management. Decco is part of the UPL Limited group, which also provides seeds, crop protection, postharvest, and other solutions to its customers.

MirTech, Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, development and market validation of novel technology solutions to address the challenges of postharvest storage for perishable produce. MirTech holds numerous patents which have enhanced quality and extended the shelf life of fresh-cut produce, whole produce, meat, poultry, fish, ready-to-eat meals, and frozen foods. MirTech leverages an extensive network with government, university, and industry experts to expand its technology base.

ESSENTIV, LLC, a newly formed Decco-MirTech partnership, is a technology and marketing incubator, to develop, register and manufacture novel pre- and postharvest solutions for storage, decay control, and shelf-life extension of fruits and vegetables all along the value chain from growers to retailers.