Organic Trade Association Rallies Support for Research

Organic Trade Association Rallies Support for Research

Remember “Got Milk?” The Organic Trade Association (OTA) says why not “Got Organic?”


An email the Washington, DC, organization is sending to backers states:

“Want more affordable organic (without hurting the organic farmers that grow it)? Here is what to do.

Simply visit and add your name to the thousands of people submitting comments in support of the Organic Check-off. The comment has already been drafted for you, so it’s as simple as providing your name, address and clicking a couple of times.”

If readers are still not convinced, the OTA encourages them to consider these reasons, from “WellnessMama “Jillian Sobeck:

  • Distinguishing organic from unregulated seals like “natural”
  • Confirming the science behind the environmental and public health benefits of organic
  • Undertaking research to solve problems such as invasive pests and weed control in an organic-friendly way
  • Bringing new farmers into organic production through information and technical assistance
  • Reducing the supply crunch by transitioning farmland to organic production across the U.S.

Clicking on the link is the easiest and fastest way to support the effort. However, if you’d like to submit a custom comment you can also go online to