Phytech To Bring PlantBeat Service To U.S. Farmers

Phytech To Bring PlantBeat Service To U.S. Farmers

Phytech will reveal its new PlantBeat service at the 2014 InfoAg conference in St. Louis, MO, July 29. The service will assist farmers in the optimization of crop yields by translating plant needs into real-time alerts and expert recommendations.


The new PlantBeat service includes the continuous monitoring of plant growth rate and contractions, soil moisture and microclimate conditions, in a farmer’s field or orchard. The data is collected and transmitted wirelessly to a global network of secure cloud-based servers. Proprietary algorithms analyze the plant, soil, and climate data to determine specific plant stress thresholds. Timely alerts are then sent directly to any mobile device designated by the farming operation.

Farmers can use the insights to make precise irrigation decisions before plant stress levels reach a point where yields are being adversely affected.

Phytech is experiencing rapid growth in its home nation of Israel, where drip irrigation was invented, resulting in the company’s first expansion in the US market. Phytech has chosen California’s Central Valley as the firm’s first U.S. location.

The PlantBeat service will focus initially on the almond, cotton, citrus, tomato, and grape industries.

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