Potatoes Stories

Alan Jones standing in a potato field
Nutrient Management
November 16, 2016
Protecting Agriculture’s Future A Win-Win For Florida Farmer
Making good use of data and a focus on efficiency are critical in sustainable agricultural operations. Read More
November 15, 2016
Bacteria May Help Control Lesion Nematodes
A bacteria found in roundworms could be a future control of a root-hungry pest in raspberries and potatoes. Read More
pile of potatoes
November 7, 2016
The Skinny On Potato Skin
The skins of all varieties are edible, but appearance and periderm health both play an important role in whether people will want to eat them or not. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
October 31, 2016
The 2016 Grower Achievement Award Winner Looks For The Next Great Potato Variety
Bob Bender of Tasteful Selections, the 2016 Grower Achievement Award recipient, will continue to work on great-tasting potato varieties and offering consumers convenience. Read More
Danny Johns of Blue Sky Farms standing in his potato field in Northeast Florida
October 17, 2016
Food Hubs Helping Connect Agriculture And Urban Communities
Northeast Florida farmers collaborate to teach consumers about farming, while providing high-quality produce to local buyers. Read More
farm labor pic for web
October 12, 2016
Labor Shortages Mean Lost Income
Agriculture is not a typical industry; fresh produce can't wait in the field for a crew to come and harvest it. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
October 12, 2016
Grower Achievement Award Winner Says More Automation And Education Needed
Managing water, labor, and consumer perceptions are top issues for vegetable producers. Read More
potato field
Apples & Pears
October 10, 2016
Outlook Is Positive For Several Specialty Crops In The Northwest
The Northwest Farm Credit Services has released its quarterly Market Snapshot publications that look at the state of major agricultural commodities in the Northwest, including apples, cherries, onions, pears, and potatoes. Read More
non-gmo label leafy greens
Farm Management
October 2, 2016
GMO Labeling Law: The Good And The Bad
The National Potato Council's John Keeling discusses the pros and cons and encourages interested stakeholders to pay attention to the upcoming regulatory process and submit comments when they are sought. Read More
Innate Russet Burbank potato (left) next to a conventional Russet Burbank potato (right) 30 minutes after peeling.
September 24, 2016
USDA To Extend Deregulation To Two Lines Of Genetically Engineered Potatoes 
Developed by J.R. Simplot, the potatoes are resistant to late blight, reduced black spot bruising, and lowered reducing sugars. Read More
white grubs
September 21, 2016
Don’t Let White Grubs Gobble Up Your Vegetable Crop
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this pest. Read More
September 6, 2016
NPC Hosts USDA On A Tour Of Sterman Masser Potato Farms
The tour was to educate USDA staff on the challenges potato producers face and highlight the work being done at the farm. Read More
Crop Protection
September 3, 2016
Dickeya dianthicola: A New Threat To Potatoes
The disease, identified in Maine in 2014, has caused significant losses in potatoes on the Eastern Seaboard. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
August 31, 2016
Tasteful Selections Is The 2016 Grower Achievement Award Recipient
From tuber to table, Tasteful Selections and Bob Bender focus on vertical integration from propagating potato seed to growing and packaging on a year-round basis. Read More
potato field
August 29, 2016
U.S. Potato Exports Reach Second Highest Level On Record
Prospects for continued growth in exports look good but the strong dollar and increased competition will continue to moderate this growth. Read More
The Latest
November 20, 2017
Lack of Crop Insurance a Risky Business …
In light of what Hurricane Irma stirred up, now is a good time to review how well you cover your assets. Read More
Crop Protection
November 1, 2017
Potato Pest Management Isn’t Likely to G…
In his final column, Dr. Nolte reflects how managing potato pests and diseases has changed in the past 20 years and where it may be heading. Read More
October 19, 2017
Northeast Florida Farmers Stepping up to…
Green light given to nine agricultural projects steeped in stewardship. Read More
October 2, 2017
Trump Administration on the Clock to Mak…
National Potato Council's John Keeling says the traditional time frame for rallying support for significant new legislation is closing, including immigration reform and agricultural trade. Read More
Insect Control
September 25, 2017
Prevent Sweet Potato Weevil From Giving …
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this insect pest. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
September 6, 2017
Saving 1 Million Gallons of Water a Day:…
The industry struggles to find the right sustainable practices. Alan and Leslie Jones are rolling up their sleeves and finding results. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
September 6, 2017
Jones Potato Farm Wins the 2017 Grower A…
American Vegetable Grower magazine is proud to announce Parrish, FL-based Jones Potato Farm is the 2017 recipient of its prestigious Grower Achievement Award. This national award is given annually to an operation that exemplifies the best of the national growing community. Read More
Crop Protection
August 9, 2017
Why Some of the Most Dangerous Potato Di…
If you understand the role oxygen, and its lack, plays in potato diseases, you'll be better equipped to battle them. Read More
July 12, 2017
We Need to Fight for Fruit and Vegetable…
In the last 10 years, an alliance has used its combined voice to create programs like the Specialty Crop Research Initiative, the Specialty Crop Block Grant program, the Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops program, and others. Read More
June 5, 2017
Florida Growers and Researchers Unearthi…
More seeking to dig into production and profit of this appealing alternative superfood crop. Read More
May 10, 2017
Florida Sweet Potato Farmers Learning Ho…
UF/IFAS researchers develop trapping systems for potent pest; studying other crop protection methods to help save revenue. Read More
April 30, 2017
Hot Potato Trends on Front Burner for Fl…
Annual UF/IFAS field day digs into the latest research and comes up with appealing solutions. Read More
April 25, 2017
Frustrated by Overwintering Culls and Vo…
It sometimes seems that culls and volunteers survive even winter conditions, while your desired crop needs coddling. Taking a look at how feral potatoes behave will give you insights that will help you get the results you need for your crop. Read More
Pest Control
April 25, 2017
How to Manage Three Key Potato Pests
Learn identification and control strategies to protect your crop. Read More
Biocontrols Conference
April 5, 2017
Biocontrol Increasingly Important Option…
Neonicotinoids, a key weapon in the grower’s arsenal against potato psyllids, is becoming less effective, a team of researchers from Texas Read More
More Vegetables
March 31, 2017
BMPs Paying off Big for Northeast Florid…
Tri-County Agricultural Area projects to share $1.5 million in funding for continued conservation and nutrient management. Read More
March 25, 2017
Florida Blueberry Crop Escapes Slap from…
Freeze protection tactics prove fruitful as local producers look to gain from Georgia’s loss. Read More
March 8, 2017
3 GMO, Late-Blight-Resistant Potato Vari…
The introduced genetic material is from wild potato varieties that are resistant to late blight. Read More