New Tomato For North America, Northern Europe

Nun 09013 TOF

The latest Nunhems tomato variety, Nun 09013 TOF, launched just last month, offers high-tech growers a new cherry-on-the-vine tomato for both traditional crops and those grown under artificial light. Inspired by the success of its award-winning Intense, a non-leaking tomato variety, Nunhems is exploring many new varieties for the competitive northern high-tech tomato sector.

Nun 09013 TOF is a cherry-on-the-vine tomato that bears superior-tasting, deep-red cherry tomatoes of approximately 11 to 12 grams each. The variety produces long vines with 15 to 18 high-quality cherry tomatoes and has a high yield of fruit throughout the season. In addition, this tomato is very strong against cracking.

“Nun 09013 TOF is an innovative, new solution that offers growers in high-tech tomato markets an opportunity to truly enhance their business,” said Harm Ammerlaan, Nunhems’ tomato sales specialist. “Nun 09013 TOF is just one of the new tomato varieties that we will launch in the coming season. We will at least also introduce a high-yielding, high-quality cluster tomato as well as a very tasty cherry plum tomato for single harvest.”

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