Traceability Software Offers Flexible System For Users

Traceability Software Offers Flexible System For Users

VistaTrac from Schoneman Inc. is a traceability and inventory software system that satisfies Produce Traceability (PTI) requirements and features the ability to conduct inventory, create labels, track produce in the field, track yields, track individual packer data, and more.


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“Anything where you can replace a manual pen and paper system with barcodes, scanning, and data collection is what we specialize in,” says Matt Schoneman, sales manager of Schoneman Inc.

“Our system is flexible, so it works for a variety of different produce applications,” he continues. “Whether you’re growing apples or potatoes, the system can be tailored to your industry needs.”

One of the benefits of VistaTrac is that it can be fully integrated with existing accounting systems including Microsoft QuickBooks, SAGE Software, and Microsoft Dynamics. If a grower chooses to keep their existing system, VistaTrac can work seamlessly with that software, and for example, share sales orders and purchase orders, and update them in real time.

Adapting To New Technology
According to Schoneman, starting in 2014, the company made the software available on iPods, iPads, Droid tablets and Microsoft Windows powered tablets. Before using the software, the user downloads the Microsoft “Remote Desktop Lite” app, enabling them to access VistaTrac software on a cloud server.

Obviously, Schoneman explains, there will be times where growers don’t have access to Wi-Fi (when they’re in the field, in certain spots in the packinghouse, etc.), and in those cases, VistaTrac is available for download on tablets, PCs, and laptops.

“The ability to use any computer makes the pricing really flexible. If you’re a small grower, and you want to use the laptop you already have or the iPod you already have, we don’t require you to purchase any hardware,” Schoneman explains.

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Maintaining Compliance
VistaTrac is 100% compliant with PTI requirements, helping growers achieve all Seven PTI Milestones, furthermore, if growers purchase an additional support contract, the software will automatically update itself to stay current with any regulations that may have changed since it was purchased.

“If you’re on a support contract, you get free updates of the software, which include any new reports that we might install on the system to meet any new regulations. So you can buy VistaTrac in 1982, and in 2014, you’re still up to date with all of the regulations,” Schoneman says.

“The thing that makes people want to buy a system like [VistaTrac] is not just the fact that we keep you up to date with the regulations, it’s that we make it easy for you to keep up with all of the regulations. We make your job easy by eliminating paperwork.”

Schoneman adds that VistaTrac is currently available on a subscription basis, which costs growers $395 a month. “They can choose a buyout or a subscription,” Schoneman explains. “So if you have a lot of users, you’re better off doing a buyout. If you have a smaller operation, a subscription could be a better option.”

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