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Sweet Corn Stories
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Sweet Corn
April 25, 2016
22 Sweet Corn Varieties You Need To Know
Browse this slideshow for more information on 22 sweet corn varieties you need to know about from the nation’s leading seed Read More
Clifton Sweetness
Sweet Corn
April 1, 2016
11 Top-Notch Sweet Corn Varieties For 2016
This month’s variety specs feature highlights 11 top-notch sweet corn varieties submitted to us from the nation’s leading seed breeders and distributors. Read More
Sweet Corn
Crop Protection
February 23, 2016
Corn Insecticide Receives EPA Registration
New soil insecticide targets a variety of pests including corn rootworm, grubs, maggots, and wireworms. Read More
Corn earworm larvae can cause great damage to cotton and corn crops. Using the NEXRAD weather monitoring system, ARS scientists have found a way to more accurately track corn earworm moths as they migrate at night. This knowledge can help farmers determine when to treat for the pest.
Photo credit: USDA
Crop Protection
February 23, 2016
Prepare For Corn Earworm
Tips to manage this troublesome pest include purchasing pheromone traps, use of Bt varieties, and a proper spray plan. Read More
sweet corn field shot Gordon
Sweet Corn
February 17, 2016
Corn Herbicide From Syngenta Receives EPA Registration 
State registrations for Acuron Flexi are pending and expected to follow. Read More
Sweet Corn
December 28, 2015
Stokes Seeds Vegetable Variety Showcase
For more information, contact Stokes Seeds: P.O. Box 548, Buffalo, NY 14240-0548 800-263-7233 WEBSITE 800-272-5560 EMAIL [email protected] Read More
Sweet Corn
December 3, 2015
Abbott & Cobb 2015 Vegetable Variety Showcase
For more information, contact Abbott & Cobb: P.O. Box 307, Feasterville, PA 19053 Phone: 800-345-SEED; fax: 215-245-9043 WEBSITE: EMAIL: Read More
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