Insect Control In Bell Peppers

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Learn more about insects that affect bell peppers and how to control them.

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Vegetable Insect Control Stories
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drought management; irrigation; water management
FruitsWashington Governor Declares Drought
March 17, 2015
With snowpack at near record lows, Governor Jay Inslee declared a drought on the Olympic Peninsula, on the east side of the central Cascade Mountains including Yakima and Wenatchee, and the Walla Walla region. Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlInsect Pest Management On A Whole Farm Basis
March 28, 2013
Strategies to control insect pests on a whole farm basis are discussed by Joseph Ingerson-Mahar, Rutgers Vegetable IPM Program Coordinator. Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlManaging Aster Leafhopper In Carrots
February 25, 2013
Management tactics to control aster leafhopper in carrots are discussed by Zsofia Szendrei, an assistant professor in the Department of Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlManaging Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn
February 6, 2013
Rick Foster, an entomologist at Purdue University, tells growers to use pheromone traps to help manage corn earworm in sweet Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlControlling Thrips In Lettuce Crops
January 14, 2013
Eric Natwick, entomology advisor at the University of California, discusses the life cycle of thrips and how to keep this Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlThree Pests Of Tomato And Pepper
October 31, 2012
Find out how to keep Colorado potato beetle, European corn borer, and fruitworm out of your tomato and pepper fields. Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlLate Season Insect Control In Pumpkins
September 28, 2012
Find out how to keep late-season insect pests from reducing the marketability of your pumpkin crop. Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlReview Of Maximum Residue Levels
August 21, 2012
For those looking to export produce, be sure to watch this review of Maximum Residue Levels to find out more Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlThe Benefits Of Using Insecticides With Long Residual C…
July 25, 2012
Insect control products that offer extended control can reduce the number of applications a grower needs to make and can Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlManaging Resistance To Colorado Potato Beetle
June 12, 2012
Learn how to reduce resistance issues and gain control of the Colorado potato beetle from Russ Groves, an entomologist at Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlThe Importance Of Season-Long Scouting In Sweet Corn
May 17, 2012
Rick Weinzierl, an entomologist with the University of Illinois, discusses the importance of season-long scouting in sweet corn and the Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlNematode Management In Tomatoes
March 13, 2012
David Langston, a plant pathologist with the University of Georgia, discusses how to identify root-knot nematodes in tomatoes and the Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlKudzu Bug: A New Pest To Watch For
February 14, 2012
Details on a new pest to watch for this season, the Kudzu bug, are provided by University of Georgia entomologist Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlTips For Successful Insect Scouting
January 18, 2012
Ric Bessin, who is in the department of entomology at the University of Kentucky, discusses some of the more difficult Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlCombating Root Maggots, Crucifer Flea Beetles, And Cabb…
December 29, 2011
Rick Weinzierl, a professor and Extension entomologist at the University of Illinois, will discuss three key pests of cole crops Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlDelivering Insecticides Via Drip Irrigation In Tomatoes…
December 16, 2011
This video includes updates on the latest research in drip-applied insecticides and how growers can achieve the best results using Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlTips For Controlling Onion Thrips
December 16, 2011
In this presentation, Tim Waters of Washington State University discusses control measures for onion thrips, a key onion pest in Read More
Vegetable Insect ControlControlling Whiteflies
December 16, 2011
Identifying and controlling whiteflies in brassicas and melons are the focus of this video. The information is from John Palumbo, Read More
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