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We asked you a seemingly easy question: How do your prices compare to 10 years ago? An alarming 44.6% of you have seen either no price increase or, worse, lowered prices.

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Your vegetable operation size has a big impact on who you hire, our 2019 State of the Vegetable […]

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The number of vegetable operations using the guestworker program H-2A increased 35% in a single year.

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Who an operation sells to impacts them. Take a look at the various ways growers are shaped by their customers.

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How the Government Shutdown Affects Agriculture

USDA is sharing which of its functions remain in place and which ones are suspended until the impass ends.

How Customers Impact What You Grow [2019 State of the Vegetable Industry]

The team at American Vegetable Grower was curious. Would we see any differences in the crops you grow if we take into account who you grow for? 

Which Issues Have Your Attention? [2019 State of the Vegetable Industry]

Not surprisingly, weather ranks as one of the top three issues in 2019.

The Economic Fallout from the Romaine Recalls [Infographic]

In the years leading up to 2018, leafy greens and romaine saw a surge in sales. In the weeks following the Yuma outbreak, sales dropped in double digits.

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What’s the Missing Piece in Food Safety? [Opinion]

The latest efforts to boost food safety are amped up versions of what is already in place. What more can we do to improve our crops impact on public safety?

Biofungicide Gains Approval in California

Sym-Agro says AVIV is the industry’s first clear, non-staining Bacillus product on the market.

A Mission to End All Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

This past year, romaine-related outbreaks hit the leafy green industry hard. Here are the steps it’s taking to ensure a healthy future.

Good News from Washington for Growers, Despite Chaotic Political Climate

Behind the inflammatory news of the day, successes have occurred this year that add up to growing points on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Field Scouting Guide: Palmer Amaranth

What you need to identify and manage this weed.

Call to Destroy All Romaine Lifted; California Crop Investigated as E. coli Source

After calling for those in the U.S. food chain to destroy all romaine lettuce last week, FDA and […]

FDA Commissioner Says Tainted Romaine Is from California

Efforts being made on labeling to show where the lettuce is grown so Arizona and Florida growers can still bring their crop to market.

Impact of Previous Romaine-Related Foodborne Illness Outbreaks [Infographics]

With the latest romaine-linked foodborne illness outbreak making news, here’s a look back at the three previous outbreaks. […]

The Anatomy of a Low-Effort Farmstand [Infographic]

Tye Thompson has created a farm-stand model that requires very little of his time. Take a look at how he does it, and see if it’s something that will work for you.