DOL Reports: H-2A Use Has Tripled in 10 Years on Farms

Ten years ago, DOL certified 86,014 H-2A positions. Today, that figure is well above 200,000.

12 Great Carrot Varieties for Growers

Compare the types, lengths, and days to maturity of these crops.

Women in Agriculture Still Face Barriers, New Study Shows

Corteva Agriscience conducted a study that included 4,160 respondents living in 17 countries (from both the developed and developing world) on five different continents.

Russet Mites Can Be Tough to Identify

Here are some tips on how to identify this tricky pest.

There’s Still Time to Make a Profit in Organics [Opinion]

Despite being popular for years, organic produce sales are still increasing rapidly.

Desert Vegetable Growers Have a Lot of Insecticide Choices

Since the 1990s, the industry went from having four insecticide classes to 20, giving you a lot more tools in the fight against pests.

Hydroponic Organic Produce: Year One

As U.S. growers recover from the decade-long organic hydroponics battle, the rest of the world moves forward.

Grower Perspective: It’s Worth the Fight

This year’s Grower Achievement Award winner says farming isn’t easy, but with determination and faith, you can build a legacy that will support your family and your community for generations to come.

Carolina Growers Cope with Extensive Hurricane Florence Damage

Agricultural losses for the Tar Heel State have exceeded $1.1 billion. Vegetables and horticulture losses are at $26.8 million so far.

Check Out These New Conservation Planning Tools for Farmers

Learn how the USDA is helping growers meet and exceed stewardship thresholds.

Watch the Jackson Farming Company Story [Video]

The Jackson family accepted the 2018 Grower Achievement Award at United Fresh’s Washington Conference this week. Take a look at the video telling their story.

The Farm Bill is Expiring! Now What?

The 2018 Farm Bill is unlikely to pass before the previous one expires on September 30. What does that mean, exactly?

Field Scouting Guide: Beet Armyworm

What you need to know to identify and manage this pest.

Smart Thinking Will Lessen Common Grower Problems [Opinion]

This year’s Grower Achievement Award winners Brent and Rodney Jackson don’t get thrown by obstacles in their path. Rather, they outsmart them.

Biocontrols Conference USA East’s Tour Stops Announced!

Popular on-the-go crop protection learning experience ready to roll in Rochester.

How to Manage Pink Rot in Potatoes

Learn how to identify and treat this disease. As a bonus, see if your plants are eligible for free sample testing.

How to Build a Future for Your Farm

The 2018 Grower Achievement Award winner, Jackson Farming Company, has a juggernaut of an operation after just one generation.

Wegmans Is the Keynote at Biocontrols Conference East

Wegmans’ Vice President of Produce and Flowers, Dave Corsi, and two grower partners will discuss how the store and its suppliers are meeting consumer demand for sustainably grown produce at the 2018 Biocontrols Conference in Rochester NY, this October 11-12.

11 Cabbage Varieties Perfect for Today’s Growers

Compare these varieties’ disease resistance, regions; and other features to find the right one for you.

How to Keep Wildlife Contamination of Field Crops to a Minimum

What can vegetable growers do to lower wildlife intrusions into their fields?