Charlie O’Dell

How to Match Drip Irrigation to Improve Berry Water Management

Using root mass diameter to appropriately determine wetting pattern will help you improve growth rate and yields.

Advantages to Growing Southern Highbush Blueberries

Growers in some regions where temperatures don’t get too low could consider the benefits of Southern highbush varieties.

Use Common Sense Growing Berries That Are Food-Safe

Follow these tips to ensure your end product is wholesome and pathogen-free.

Tips to Increase Yields and Improve Harvesting

Removing old blueberry pruning stumps will help you extend the life of your berry plantings and hopefully make your job a little easier.

Ensure Your Berry Production Success With Pollinators

Ensure Your Berry Production Success With Pollinators Planting bee-friendly food sources help native pollinators to continue their valuable […]

How To Create Fast Growth For New Blueberry Plantings 

Avoid slow growth and plant death by maintaining adequate moisture levels.

Why You Should Be Growing Black Raspberries

Amazing health benefits for consumers and production and marketing benefits for the grower make this berry a must-consider option for your operation.

New Berry Growers Are Innovative

In this electronic information age, these new, first-time berry growers are quick to locate berry growing information resources, including local and university Extension/research-developed production and marketing information for their area.

Berry Growers Sharing Great Ideas

In his Berries Column, Charlie O’Dell tells how one Mississippi blackberry grower develops high-yield trellis system and high density thornless plantings.

A New Double-Cropping Black Raspberry

Independent raspberry breeder Peter Tallman of Longmont, CO, has announced the U.S. release of a new cultivar of black raspberry named “Niwot.” This exciting new variety is the product of Tallman’s private breeding program that started in Poughkeepsie, NY, more than a quarter century ago with the discovery of a wild black raspberry that exhibited the primocane-fruiting trait.

A Blackberry Pruning Method For High-Flavor Thorny and Thornless Varieties

Annual late winter pruning of blackberries to remove the old two-year canes that fruited the past summer involves […]

Calcium: An Overlooked Blueberry Nutrient

This past year I noticed decreased vegetative growth in our older northern highbush blueberry planting made back in […]

New Tool Makes Annual Berry Pruning Easy

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to field-test newer electronic hand-held pruners from Pellenc America, Inc. […]

Berries: Sustaining A Customer Relationship At Your Farm

Urbanites in these times have much interest in purchasing locally grown food including berries of all types, and […]

What To Expect When Selling Your Business

After 40 years of berry farming, 30 by my wife with my weekend help, and 10 recent years […]

Improve Harvests And Picking Ease In Blueberries

Pine/Orchard voles have been an ongoing control problem for us here at Crow’s Nest Farm, going back to […]

U-Pick Berry Growing Opportunities For Rural Areas

At a recent Virginia statewide berries conference held at Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA, growers were asked if […]

Making Low Labor Perennial Strawberry Production A Reality

A very wise person once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I often wonder if we do not […]

Bird Control In Berries You May Not Have Considered

Last spring and summer we noticed a pair of red-tailed hawks almost daily on our farm and came […]

Summer-Long Multiple Berry Crops

The idea for this article is based on talking with localvores (local customers) who eagerly pick each berry […]