Franz Niederholzer

Tips for Nut Growers Living with Navel Orangeworm

Last year was one of the worst NOW years in decades; here’s a checklist of steps for you to take to avoid a repeat in 2018.

Irrigation Management Strategies For Your Almond Orchard

No matter how much water you have available, have a plan, even with different scenarios of water availability.

Managing Heat Stress At Bloom In Prunes

High temperatures at bloom reduces prune fruit set.

“Gear Up and Throttle Down” With Your Sprayer

Between late fall and bloom is an important time for pest management in stone fruit orchards. Key pests […]

Focus On Prunes 3 Key Ingredients

Some things don’t change. Adequate prune orchard mineral nutrition is critical to maintaining high yields and good orchard […]

Ways To Save On Grape Spraying

Study provides information that allows the ranking of cost saving practices in spray applications in vineyards by the amount of projected savings.

Navel Orangeworm Control Needed

Navel orangeworm (NOW) is the major pest of almond production in California. Damage to nuts from this pest […]

Choose Prune Nutrients Wisely

Costs are up, but the need for fertilizer and other inputs to produce a large, high-quality crop remain […]

Using Urea Efficiently

Because soil-applied fertilizer is intended for root absorption by plants, growers should manage fertilizer nitrogen (N) to keep […]

Spray Technology In The Nut Orchard

Efficacy, Efficiency, Environment. These are the three equally important concerns during any agricultural spray application. Nowhere are these […]

Sprayer Calibration Tips

Proper sprayer air volume delivery is key to spray coverage quality.

Hot Temps Affect Prunes At Bloom

High temperatures at bloom present a huge economic challenge to California prune growers. Heat at bloom (greater than […]

Using A Chilling Model To Determine Yield

One common coffee house question this time of year in fruit and nut growing regions is “Is it […]

The Benefits Of Drift Control

Growers, applicators, managers, and pest control advisers must work together to ensure that spray drift is managed so […]