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Ways Florida Growers Are Mapping out Solutions With Technology

Collecting and crunching data can make you more efficient and productive.

How to Play and Win the Ever-Evolving Citrus Nutrition Game

While the bedrock fundamentals hold true, growers and researchers continue to tweak fertilizer programs.

EPA Approves New Product for Control of Citrus Greening

Bullet HLB combines disease management and enhanced nutrition to improve tree health.

Confused About GMO and CRISPR Technology? Let Science Settle It

Recent European Union court ruling a blow for plant biotech progress overseas. So what now here?

Latest Mexico Trade Deal a Dud for Southeast Specialty Growers

The proposed NAFTA fix provides no protections against unfair trade practices that have crashed prices for U.S. fruits and vegetables.

The Top 7 Challenges for Small Farms in Florida

Local growers sound off on day-to-day issues that impact their bottom lines.

Citrus Achievement Award Winner Makes Case for Government Earmarks

Florida Congressman Tom Rooney says bringing back limited earmarks would allow taxpayers to see their dollars come back home.

Why Bamboo Might Be Worth the Climb for Florida Farmers

Strong market, ease of growing, and long life has captured the attention of some growers in the Sunshine State.

Is Blockchain the Future of Food Safety?

Some see the shared, cloud-based technology as the answer to rapid, real-time traceability.

Blame Modern Media for the Death of Nuance [Opinion]

We may live in the most prosperous and peaceful time in history, but it sure doesn’t feel that way in this 24/7 digitally connected world.

Defending Growers an Honor for Citrus Achievement Award Winner

Standing up for and with producers of Florida’s signature crop comes natural to Tom Rooney.

New Honeybee Lab in Florida Creating a Buzz

University of Florida-run facility will tackle some of the biggest pollinator problems.

Metalized Reflective Mulch a Bright Spot for Citrus

Novel plasticulture approach can turn Asian citrus psyllids away from young plantings.

Epic Algae Blooms Strand South Florida in a Sea of Green

Record rains force flow of toxic algae from overloaded Lake Okeechobee into St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers.

It’s Time to Improve Flawed H-2A Program for Growers

The laborious process is problematic for users, but it’s the only game in town that delivers legal workers.

Citrus Grower Involvement Key to Moving Legislation

2018 Florida Grower Citrus Achievement Award winner Tom Rooney says voices from the groves carry loudly to Capitol Hill.

Florida Citrus Growers Happy to Put Hurricane Irma in Rear View

Annual industry conference attendees in good spirits despite tough year.

Soured Season Hard to Swallow for Florida Citrus Stakeholders

After Hurricane Irma took a toll on production, growers hope for better days ahead.

Ways Produce Growers Can up Their Organic Game

Organics are hot. Consumer demand and continued market growth are creating more opportunities for farmers.

Still a Long Row to Hoe in Citrus Greening Fight

Despite still no cure for the devastating disease, the ongoing concerted effort to keep trees as productive as possible is beyond impressive.