Amanda Gallagher

How to Prevent Chilling Injuries in Peaches

Peaches are notoriously difficult to cold store, and storage disorders can develop when peaches are stored improperly.

Trellis System Might Pay Off for Southeast Blackberry Growers

University of Arkansas researchers studying rotating cross-arm system for its benefits to improve yields and fruit quality in blackberries.

How to Make Vineyard Management More Precise

Sensors provide a visual representation of the vineyard and help growers make large-scale decisions.

How to Prevent Sunburn on Apples

Learn the causes of sunburn and heat stress and how to help manage them in your orchard.

How PGRs Rescue Berries After Spring Freeze

The use of gibberellic acid can help reduce loses from freeze damage.

How to Calibrate an Airblast Sprayer for Fruit Production

Jason Deveau, the Spray Guy, lays out his advice on the most effective method for calibrating an airblast sprayer.

More Advancements Made in Harvest-Assist Berry Project

Research has potential to improve efficiency and quality of fresh market blueberries.

Proper Almond Irrigation Practices for This Season

After an unusually wet 2017, Mae Culumber of University of California Cooperative Extension discusses the importance of irrigation scheduling, even during times absent of drought stress.

California Wildfires Lead to Concern over Smoke Exposure in Grapes

While it is expected to have little impact on this year’s vintage, researchers are studying smoke taint to understand more of the indicators.

Washington Growers Seeing the Effects of Sunburn

Tree fruit growers in the West are noticing sunburn on their this year, and they anticipate delayed symptoms to be more evident in storage.