John Keeling

A ‘Simple’ Congressional Mandate Complicates Trucking Shortage for Growers [Opinion]

A new regulation due to go into effect June 18 may exacerbate the trucking shortage that’s impacted growers this year. The National Potato Council is petitioning President Trump and the Department of Transportation for revisions and an extension.

Specialty Crops Are No Longer the Wallflowers of the Farm Bill

A fruit and vegetable coalition puts the potato industry on a strong footing with the vital legislation.

Undermining NAFTA Is a Major Mistake

The trade agreement’s benefits for the industry far outweigh negatives.

Trump Administration on the Clock to Make Major Policy Changes [Opinion]

National Potato Council’s John Keeling says the traditional time frame for rallying support for significant new legislation is closing, including immigration reform and agricultural trade.

We Need to Fight for Fruit and Vegetable Growers in the Next Farm Bill

In the last 10 years, an alliance has used its combined voice to create programs like the Specialty Crop Research Initiative, the Specialty Crop Block Grant program, the Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops program, and others.

Key Cabinet Picks Likely Good News for Growers

National Potato Council’s John Keeling weighs in on how President Trump’s picks for to head up EPA and Department of Agriculture will impact vegetable growers.

Potato Expo Speakers To Motivate And Enlighten

Slated for Jan. 4-6, the expo includes 46 networking hours for growers.

GMO Labeling Law: The Good And The Bad

The National Potato Council’s John Keeling discusses the pros and cons and encourages interested stakeholders to pay attention to the upcoming regulatory process and submit comments when they are sought.

National Potato Council Talks About Public Policy Decisions And The Influence Of Dangerous Data 

Over the past year, a series of actions by EPA have shown an agencywide outlook that does not […]

Public Policy Decisions And The Influence Of Dangerous Data [Opinion]

EPA needs to get back to using solid science and avoid bending to popular opinion.

Potato Growers Support Voluntary GMO Labeling

As the first session of the 114th Congress is drawing to an end, potato growers from Colorado, Idaho, […]

Three Congressional Priorities For Potato Growers

The National Potato Council says to ask your Congressional representatives to support the potato industry on issues such as voluntary GMO labelding, truck weight reform, and funding for breeding research.

Innovative Technology Is Necessary For Potato Growers To Be Sustainable [Opinion]

Historically, there has often been opposition or fear of new agricultural technologies and today is no different, but it is critical that growers have access to technologies that meet consumer demand while using less land and conserving soil, water, and energy.

Make Room For Potatoes In Your Diet [Opinion]

Recent diet fads and misconceptions about nutritional science have caused confusion among consumers about potatoes. Fortunately, scientific studies […]

National Potato Council Awards $10,000 Grant to Grad Student

Rhett Spear, horticulture Ph.D. graduate student at Washington State University accepts $10,000 grant awarded by NPC.

Potatoes Are Good For You

“Too much coffee can make you fat.” “100,000 lives saved if salt lowered.” “Want to lose weight? Eat […]

Immigration, Guest Worker Reform Gain Traction in DC

During his Jan. 21 Inauguration Address, President Obama pledged to make immigration reform a top legislative priority for […]

Uniting, Inspiring Industry at POTATO EXPO 2013

Five years ago, the potato industry took part in an experiment. The chip, seed, process, and fresh sectors […]

Why Ban Fresh Potatoes From The WIC Program?

A recent national survey revealed that nearly seven out of 10 Americans are eating more vegetables, fruits, and […]

NPC Report: Playing Politics With Children’s Health

WITH nearly one-third of today’s children and teens overweight or obese, most parents would support restricting school sales […]