John VanSickle

Trade War Tension Weighs Heavy on American Farmers

A grower’s best defense? Invest in technology and stay informed to promote your cause.

Trade Conflicts Can and Will Impact Florida Agriculture

NAFTA and China heavily influence the flow of goods in and out of the state.

Scale of NAFTA Weighing Down on Florida Farmers

Load not getting lighter as balance sought for the state’s specialty crop producers.

Lack of Crop Insurance a Risky Business for Vegetable Growers

In light of what Hurricane Irma stirred up, now is a good time to review how well you cover your assets.

Plight of Trade Policy Grounding Many U.S. Growers

Much-needed investments in labor-saving technology could be key to long-term survival.

Will Big Data Yield Big Returns for Farmers?

Modern tools of hort tech are ripe to inspire the next generation of productivity and profitability.

Financial Flux Forcing Extra Groundwork For U.S. Growers

With challenging issues afoot, it’s not too early to start thinking about policies and funding implications surrounding the next Farm Bill.

U.S. Farm Productivity Approaching Perilous Ground

Investments in research and Extension required to stay ahead of the competition.

Separating Fact From Fiction Crucial Amid Global Food Challenge

Even from the din of skepticism, science-based arguments speak volumes.

Investing In Specialty Agriculture Research Is Money Well Spent

The future of farming commands savvy spending on programs steeped in sound science.

Adding Value To Your Vegetable Crop Can Help Counter Costs

Creating demand necessary as the price of doing business continues to increase.

A Farmer’s Road To Riches Is No Bed Of Roses

Proactivity is the best way to take advantage when growth opportunities present themselves.

Future Food Supply Needs Serving Up Super-Sized Challenge

Sustainable solutions, investment in new technologies musts to feed the future world.

Don’t Sleep On Catastrophic Crop Insurance

Rude awakening could be in store for producers passing on noninsured crop disaster assistance program (NAP).

Success Sans Methyl Bromide Could Prove Costly

Economic factors must be accounted for when seeking a suitable replacement.

Growing Produce Without Risk Management Program Is A Bad Bet

Utilize available insurance tools to ensure opportunities for long-term survival and success.

Viability On The Menu For Long-Term Vegetable Market Outlook

Economic recovery favorable for climbing consumption trends.

Drive Agribusiness With Science And Technology

Farming’s future depends on the willingness to invest in new methods and tools.

New Farm Bill Encourages Growers To Buy Crop Insurance

Coverage critical as risks stand in the way of reward.

Expert Systems Provide Dividends To Strawberry Growers

Applied technology is making the difference in connecting producers with a proficiency to profit.