Lauren María Alexander

Barn Owls Can be an Effective Control for Rodents and Gophers

The predators are already getting results in vineyards and orchards. Research is showing they’re just as effective in vegetable and fruit fields.

Whitetail Deer: The Top Wildlife Threat to Vegetable Crops

Matt Springer, University of Kentucky Extension Agent, discusses the latest techniques for controlling deer, including deterrents, fencing, and hunting.

How to Manage Three Key Potato Pests

Learn identification and control strategies to protect your crop.

Grafting Offers a Surprising Boost to Plants

A Washington State University project aims to improve yields and increase tolerance to Verticillium wilt with grafted plants.

Defend Your Cole Crops from Three Critical Diseases

Learn symptoms, causal agents, and control measures for black rot, Alternaria leaf spot, and downy mildew.

The Latest Developments in Sprayer Technology for Vegetable Growers

Cornell University’s Andrew Landers offers details on the latest advancements in sprayers, tips to reduce drift, and how to choose the proper nozzle.

Scientists Aim to Improve Nitrogen, Water Use Efficiency in Lettuce

Genetic research intends to develop varieties with enhanced nutrient uptake.

Reduce Soil Compaction for Improved Plant Vigor

Manage through a hard situation by focusing on tillage systems and minimizing field traffic.

What to Know When Purchasing New or Used Farm Equipment

Prepare to ask as many questions as possible to determine whether it will serve your operation in the long term.

Keys To Successful Bell Pepper Production In High Tunnels

Proper water management and pruning strategies can help improve yields.

A Laser Focus On Peppers

Avoiding “diversity for the sake of diversity,” Michigan’s Golden Plain Farms finds success with a single crop.

Attract Pollinators To Your Farm

Learn how to build the optimal breeding ground for bees.

Stave Off Sweet Potato Disease

Management can be made easier through variety selection and improved sanitation practices.

The Effect Of Soil Fertility On Fusarium Wilt In Watermelon

Ongoing research sheds light on the role soil health plays in the severity of the deadly pathogen in watermelon crops.

Three Snap Bean Pests To Watch In The Coming Season

Learn behavior, signs of damage, and management techniques for these vegetable predators.

How To Hatch Agricultural Innovation Ideas

The Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator offers support to growers and entrepreneurs with their industry-related inventions.

Vegetable Grafting Facility Gears Up For Increased Production

The Tri-Hishtil vegetable grafting facility in North Carolina hopes to double grafted plant production by next year.

The Effects Of Poly-Coated Urea On Sweet Corn Production

Research compares the effects between poly-coated urea and regular urea on sweet corn growth.

Cover Crops: An Effective Weed Control For Organic Vegetable Production

Successfully suppress troublesome, unwanted plants with the help of cover crops.

Take Control of Cucumber Beetles

Tactics to manage the pest of cucurbits include proper scouting, trap cropping, plus cultural and chemical controls.