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Early Ripening Grapes Could Revolutionize Raisin Production

New ‘Sunpreme’ grape variety offers potential to further increase raisin grape mechanization.

Tips to Make the Most of Nitrogen Applications for Grapes

It’s essential to get the right amount of nutrients applied in order to get the best results from your vines.

Getting to the Bottom of Berry Scarring

It’s a costly defect, but learning what causes berry scarring can help you prevent it.

There are Many Factors Affecting Table Grapes

The loss of table grape berries from their pedicels, or cap stems, during packing, shipping, postharvest storage, or […]

Managing Water In California Vineyards

National viticulture symposium provides insights into estimating vineyard irrigation requirements.

Labor Costs Have Growers Eyeing Options

Methods to reduce labor dependency important for the future of grape production.

Tips For Canopy Management On Open-Gable Trellises

There are many factors to consider in raisin grape production.

Raisin Industry Continues To Make Push Toward Maximizing Productivity, Minimizing Cost

The U.S. is the leading global producer of raisins, but the land area planted to raisin grapes in […]

Table Grape Meetings In Chile And Australia Focus On Quality

A common theme was the need to improve production efficiency while maintaining or increasing fruit quality.

Plastic Rain Covers Can Affect Canopy Microclimate And Fruit Quality

In studies, it appears green covers may delay fruit ripening and both covers may provide some protection from postharvest rots. .

Vine Lines: Vineyard Water Management

Regardless of the irrigation scheduling method used, growers should monitor vine and soil water status for quality control.

Protect Vine Pruning Wounds From Fungal Infections

Fungi that infect pruning wounds can eventually cause various diseases which reduce a grapevine’s productivity and fruit quality.