Paul Rusnak

A Taste of the Real World Can Do GenNext Growers Good

It can be bittersweet to work for someone else after college before returning to the farm, but these two emerging grower/leaders strongly recommend it.

Meet the 2018 Florida Woman of the Year in Agriculture

Dr. Ann Blount’s lifetime contributions to the state’s farm industry has earned her respect and now an industry award.

Drink Your Orange Juice, Science Says So

In a world of increasing demand for transparency from consumers, a healthy dose of marketing mindfulness matters.

In the Bag: How Citrus Trees Can Take Cover from Deadly Pest

Researchers are minding protective mesh experiments to help new plantings stay psyllid-free.

Pepper Whitefly Can Put Growers in a Pickle

Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this vegetable pest.

Ways Florida Growers Are Mapping out Solutions With Technology

Collecting and crunching data can make you more efficient and productive.

Double Harvest Potential Makes Florida Hops Twice as Nice

The alternative crop is finding its niche among growers and consumers in the Sunshine State.

Tips for Growers Picking up in the Wake of Florence

Damage assessment and documentation among the top priorities for producers impacted by soaking storm.

Dooryard Citrus Market is Open for Business

Check out these new citrus tree varieties, destined to boost homeowner confidence in the face of HLB.

Specialty Crop Growers Take Unique Path to Precision

A Meister Media Worldwide survey found that while precision agriculture adoption in specialty crops may lag that of row crops, interest in the technology does not.

How to Play and Win the Ever-Evolving Citrus Nutrition Game

While the bedrock fundamentals hold true, growers and researchers continue to tweak fertilizer programs.

Can Citrus Greening Be Beaten With a Biological Approach?

U.S. Sugar, Texas A&M AgriLife Research partner to vet range of antimicrobial solutions for devastating disease.

How to Find out More About Biostimulants

BPIA to host webinar explaining what these plant products are and how they work.

Carolina Farmers Brace to Face Down Hurricane Florence

Last-minute harvest and final plasticulture preparations are priorities for area’s strawberry and grape growers.

1 Year After Hurricane Irma, Florida Agriculture Stronger

Time might not heal all wounds. But moving forward can, and often does, lead to new opportunity.

Cornell Researchers Bully for New Berries

Unique high-yield strawberry, raspberry varieties living large with longer-lasting flavor.

Scientists Out to Find Secrets of Super Sweet Corn

Collaborative project will explore genetic traits for traditional breeding that make the popular vegetable even more appealing to growers and consumers.

Eco-Conscious Florida Farmers to be Feted for Their Efforts

State agricultural-environmental award honors innovative growers setting new standards in sustainability and stewardship.

Do You Have What it Takes to Help Feed the World?

Global prize being offered to anyone who can come up with a sustainable, low-cost food system for disadvantaged countries.

New Technology Clearing a Smart Path to Farm Irrigation

Research aims at encouraging growers to use alternatives to fresh groundwater.