Phil Nolte

Potato Pest Management Isn’t Likely to Get Any Easier

In his final column, Dr. Nolte reflects how managing potato pests and diseases has changed in the past 20 years and where it may be heading.

Why Some of the Most Dangerous Potato Diseases are Successful

If you understand the role oxygen, and its lack, plays in potato diseases, you’ll be better equipped to battle them.

Frustrated by Overwintering Culls and Volunteers? Blame Potatoes’ Wild Roots

It sometimes seems that culls and volunteers survive even winter conditions, while your desired crop needs coddling. Taking a look at how feral potatoes behave will give you insights that will help you get the results you need for your crop.

The Skinny On Potato Skin

The skins of all varieties are edible, but appearance and periderm health both play an important role in whether people will want to eat them or not.

Potato Storage Facility: Hotel Or Hospital?

Potatoes can’t be improved during storage, but with good management you can keep them from getting any worse.

A Preventive Approach Reduces Infection Risk In Potatoes

Conditions favoring disease development and spread have led to the establishment of early warning or forecast programs for late blight and early blight.

Potatoes Are More Than A Good Source Of Potassium

Researchers have been investigating the enhancement of oxidative qualities through breeding potato selections that are considerably higher in antioxidants than those currently available.

The Importance Of Consistency And Predictability In Potato Varieties

One of the reasons Russet Burbank is still around while other varieties have gone by the wayside is that it is relatively consistent in its performance.

Potato Production And The Environmental Component Of Plant Disease

Part of being prepared for unusual weather patterns means being on the lookout for problematic pathogens and other pests.

GMO Potatoes: A Solution To Key Production Challenges? [Opinion]

The North American potato industry is a complex and wonderful entity. Like everything in the world of agriculture, […]

Preparing For Agriculture’s Future [Opinion]

I got invited to serve on a panel recently that was tasked with judging a series of presentations given […]

Be Vigilant Against Late Blight In 2015

The 2014 season will be remembered as one of the worst for potato late blight in recent memory. […]

Tips To Avoid Potato Bruising

As we head toward another harvest season and the mad rush it entails, now might be a good […]

Wanted: The Next Generation Of Ag Educators And Researchers [Opinion]

Now, more than ever, we must have the foresight to invest our time and money to prepare a workforce capable of addressing food security in the future.

Tips On Cutting Potato Seed Tubers

Recommendations on cutting potato seed tubers.

Do-It-Yourself Potato Disease Diagnosis

Did you ever wish you knew for sure what disease is affecting your potato crop? A project, spearheaded […]

Physical Damage To Potatoes During Harvest Leads To Lost Profits

It seems as though there are some issues that are so important that no matter how much we’ve […]

Latest News On Bacterial Ring Rot Detection

Bacterial ring rot of potato (BRR) is a disease that is usually very difficult to see in seed […]

Glyphosate-Resistant Crops: Another Double-Edged Sword?

Weed control, one of the most difficult problems facing producers, has been revolutionized by glyphosate-resistant varieties on an […]

Zebra Chip: End Of The Season Report

I am writing this article while attending the SCRI (Specialty Crop Research Initiative) reporting session on the zebra […]