Rosemary Gordon

Experts Target Labor and Other Growing Industry Pain Points

AmericanHort’s Craig Regelbrugge and United Fresh’s Robert Guenther talk about the importance of working together to solve problems as they examine the critical issues and what to expect in Washington, DC, this year.

Growers and Suppliers Connect to Solve Problems

One-on-one meetings and building relationships with peers were highlights of EasternGrowerConnect event.

FruitGrowerConnect and VegetableGrowerConnect: A Look Inside

Are there areas of your business you would like to improve? If so, check out this slideshow to […]

FruitGrowerConnect is a Solutions-Oriented Event

The spectacular mountains of Utah were again the backdrop for FruitGrowerConnect where 17 fruit and nut growers convened […]

20 Pepper Varieties You Need to Know

Leading seed breeders and distributors highlight some of the latest pepper varieties available.

Clemson Peach Breeding Hones in on Disease Resistance, Flavor

In spite of the March freeze that devastated growers in the region, one producer says breeding for taste and quality needs to prevail.

23 Of The Latest Pumpkin Varieties

Browse this slideshow for more details on 23 pumpkin varieties you need to know about from the nation’s leading seed breeders and […]

Climate Doesn’t Weigh Heavy On Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

While warming trend has been a part of past few seasons, the vineyard is incorporating new technologies to grape growing versus altering production techniques.

How to Handle Warming Pacific Northwestern Vineyards

The warming temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are well-suited for red winegrape production, but other changes in viticulture practices must be made.

16 Cole Crop Varieties You Need to See

Compare these varieties’ disease resistance, regions, and other features to find the right ones for you.

11 of the Latest Cucumber Varieties You Need to Know

Browse this slideshow for more information on 11 cucumber varieties you need to know about from the nation’s leading […]

22 of the Latest Sweet Corn Varieties [slideshow]

Browse this slideshow for more information on 22 sweet corn varieties you need to know in 2017 from the nation’s […]

Nematicide Now Available in California, Arizona

Velum One from Bayer also suppresses foliar diseases, increases yields.

New Organic Seed Treatment for Spinach

Germains Seed Technology launches ProBio SafeGuard that will be distributed through Holaday Seed Company.

How Steam Helps Remove Pathogens on Cantaloupes

The technique also may effectively sanitize watermelons, honeydews, cucumbers, and baby carrots.

9 Bean Varieties for 2017

Checkout this slideshow for more information on 9 bean varieties you need to know about from the nation’s leading seed breeders […]

Soil Health is Much More than Nutrient Levels

Researchers say the more you know the better when it comes to your soil health and boosting your production.

Know a Vegetable Grower Who’s Innovative and Stands Above the Rest?

Then nomination him or her for American Vegetable Grower magazine’s 2017 Grower Achievement Award.

New Insecticide Available to Combat Sucking, Chewing Pests

Minecto Pro from Syngenta has received EPA approval for use in specialty and vegetable crops to control lepidopteran and other pests.

Meet the New Editor of American Vegetable Grower Magazine

Carol Miller leads American Vegetable Grower forward as our business – and yours – evolve with the times.