Richard Smith

Automated Weeders Have Arrived in Vegetable Fields

Here is what’s on the market now, including how well the equipment is working, and what new technology to look for.

4 Challenges Large Operations Face in Organic Vegetable Production

Organic vegetable production in Monterey County has evolved over the past 25 years. It was once the domain […]

Labor, Efficiency, and the Future of Weed Control

Increases in labor costs will affect the costs of production of vegetable crops in California, so growers will have to take advantage of production practices that help reduce weed pressure.

Abiotic Issues Affect Vegetable Production And Quality

Although most issues you face are biotic, abiotic issues can greatly impact vegetable crop yield and quality.

New Weeding Technology Available For Vegetable Growers

Other technological developments include automated harvesters for salad plant lettuce.

Use Broccoli Rotations To Reduce Disease And Minimize Leaching

Crop rotations are a key production practice utilized by every grower. You recognize the importance of rotations to […]

Unusual Weather Creating New Challenges For Western Growers

Growers should be on the lookout for a series of nutritional disorders in plants caused by unusual weather in the West.

Water And Labor Shortages Continue To Distress California Growers

Water and labor, two critical elements to vegetable production, are both in short supply in California, providing growers with a distinct set of challenges.

Planting And Thinning Recommendations For Lettuce

Recommendations for growers to improve thinning in lettuce varieties using automated thinners.

Spinach: The Resilient Vegetable

The image of Popeye opening a can of spinach, pouring it into his mouth, and then cleaning up […]

Changing Vegetable Crop Production Practices

Change is a constant factor in the vegetable production industry. For example, take a minute to think about […]