Richard VanVranken

Want to Build Your Farm Brand? Plot How You Can Get TV Exposure

Recent television shows spurred my wife and me to pack our bags and plan a vacation around farm visits.

Should You Add New Domains to Your Farm’s Web Address?

Tempted to add new extensions to your domain registrations? Here are a few things you should know first.

When Talking With Reporters, Farmers Should Choose Words Wisely

Rick Vanvranken says writing good press releases about crop performance can be savvy marketing; but think carefully about how you tell your story — good or bad.

Whose Sustainable Standard Wins?

Retailers’ race to win the most sustainable produce prize leaves growers trying to keep up with fast-developing demands.

No Need for Hysteria Over Reports of Listeria in Romaine Lettuce

A recent Purdue study says current food safety practices aren’t killing listeria in romaine lettuce tissue. Rutger’s Richard VanVranken says the report isn’t as alarming as it sounds.

Atypical Marketing Strategies To Consider For 2017

Everyone’s No. 1 marketing strategy should be to know your market. Even if you don’t care to admit it, […]

How Add-On Sales Helps Franjo Farms Stay Profitable

In some cases, a higher profit margin line of products just might be the icing on the cake that keeps a farm business going.

The Benefits Of Food Bloggers

The Vidalia Onion Committee gets it. Stemilt gets it. Rachael Ray loves it. Marketing firms are raving about […]

New Jersey Grower Of The Year Was 1995 Cover Subject Of American Vegetable Grower Magazine

Still New Jersey’s “pick of the crop,” Ed Wuillermin & Sons Farm in Hammonton graced the magazine’s cover more than 20 years ago.

Don’t Take Advantage Of Views On “Local” When Marketing

“Local” continues to be an important marketing concept. Many agree with Sherri Marolda, who farms in Atlantic County, NJ, […]

Building A Business Takes More Than Buzzwords

A marketing plan that includes every currently popular catch phrase is going to raise more red flags than interest in a business proposal.

Location Is King When Marketing

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School marketing professor David Bell was being interviewed on my local NPR station about […]

Use A Farm To Table Event To Acquire Valuable Feedback For Your Operation

Inviting guests to your operation to dine on your crops provides you with a built in focus group as well as additional income.

Find The Right Market For Your Crops

Getting to know the demographics of your market is key to maximizing your return on investment.

Use Social Marketing To Align Your Consumers With A Cause

Social marketing aims to bring attention, support, and action to a cause, and can help increase your business’ bottom line.

Agritainment Is No New Concept [Opinion]

Richard VanVranken posits that agri-tainment and agri-tourism are not as new as we think, and that the trend was even seen as early as the late 1800s.

Zero In On Farm Market Interest

What’s that “Field of Dreams” movie line again? All too frequently, that’s the way most new and many […]

Proving P.T. Barnum (Or Was It Abe Lincoln?) Correct

It turns out that there really is a “Barnum Effect” according to psychologists. “There’s a sucker born every […]

Does A Marketing Cooperative Market Cooperatively?

To join a marketing cooperative or to market cooperatively was the question of the day at the Wholesale […]

Redefining Your Marketing Methods

We haven’t heard much about the 1% issue lately, but have you ever heard of the 4 percenters? […]