Wesley K. Asai

Wind Raises Havoc on Newly Planted Almond Trees

Learn what can happen and preventative measures you can take to minimize risks in your orchard.

What Happens When Almond Trees Freeze

California has had an unusually cold winter, leaving nut growers scratching their heads.

Vole Presence High in Nut Orchards Thanks to Wet Winter

Economic losses, reduced production, and increased labor costs all are a result of dealing with high pest populations in orchards.

The New Normal of Almond Orchard Canopies

Just because an almond orchard has no live lower limbs doesn’t mean it’s not extraordinarily productive.

Lichens Thrive in Your Orchard During a Wet Year

Above average rainfall has created the perfect environment for growth.

You May Be Blowing Off Almond Spray

Air blast sprayers can lay leaves flat, allowing for little chemical contact.

Tips For Late-Planting Potted Almond Trees

Historically, the establishment of deciduous orchards was typified by planting bare-rooted trees during dormancy. With the advent of […]

Look Out For Jacket Rot On Almond Leaves

Rains at bloom are causing higher than normal incidents of bacterial infections.

Tips To Formulate A Nutrient Strategy

Some myths are worth exploring when establishing a nutrition plan.

Be Wary Of Increased Chloride In Almond Trees

During the course of farming tree crops, it is a typical practice to run a leaf analysis during […]

Minor Variations Are The X-Factor In Spray Applications

When you look at the logistics of herbicide applications, it is amazing to see how even the smallest […]

How Freezing Temperature Affect Bearing And New Trees

Key points before and after the critical bloom period make exposure to freezing temperatures relevant.

Taking A Closer Look At Walnut Scale

Close examination of the scale activity on the young wood and scaffolds will show a very high percentage of parasitism.

Mummy Nuts Equals More Than Just Worm Damage

A lack of winter nut sanitation will result in a higher population of overwintering navel orangeworm (NOW) and greater kernel reject damage at harvest in almonds.

Timing Is Important When Addressing Iron Chlorosis In Perennial Plants

“Iron has very low mobility within the plant. If the source of available iron for the plant becomes limited, the plant does not have the ability to scavenge iron from older leaves and tissues and remobilize it to support new growth.”

An Unconventional Find: Walnut Scale In Almonds

Infection causes limb dieback in Monterey variety of almonds.

Underground Discoveries Made When Replacing Trees In Orchard

Digging deep to remove stumps results in evidence of voles, grubs, nematodes, and perched water tables.

Leaf Injury Tells The Story In Almonds

Many different experts over the last several decades have preached the virtues of proper ground speeds with the […]

Almond Blossoms With Five Or Six Petals

Most almond blossoms have five petals. However, there are many flowers on an almond tree that contain six […]

Cultural Factors For Weed Control In Nuts

While observing many winter strip spray applications, it is possible to identify potential reasons for poor weed control […]