9 Financial Resolutions to Boost Your Farm’s Bottom Line

9 Financial Resolutions to Boost Your Farm’s Bottom Line

Odds are when you first got into farming, the last thing on your mind was the bookkeeping and accounting part of the job.


Not much time has to elapse before the realization hits you that your career choice and passion is a business, too. And in order for you to keep doing what you love, knowledge of financial management is a must.

This topic was at the center of the latest episode of the GenNext Growers Webinar Series sponsored by BASF.

Julia Shanks, author of “The Farmer’s Office: Tools, Tips and Templates to Successfully Manage Your Growing Farm Business,” also is a financial consultant to growers and farm marketers.

She knows a thing or two about situations many in the business face. For her though, the message is simple. “If you want to keep farming, you need to understand financials,” Shanks said to lead off the webcast. “In order to manage your business thoughtfully, you’ll need to get your books in order.”

To illustrate that, Shanks shared nine ways to better manage your business to increase your bottom line.

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