Why Is Bill Gates Buying up So Much Farmland?

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates responded to questions about his farmland investments during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session on social media platform Reddit this past weekend.


It’s the first time Gates has publicly commented on land purchases made by entities associated with him and his wife Melinda since they were named as the top private owners of U.S. farmland by acreage earlier this year.

Gates was speaking to Redditors during an event marking the release of his new book, ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.’

Responding to the question, “Hey Bill! Why are you buying so much farmland?” posed by one Reddit user, Gates indicated that seed science and biofuel development were major drivers of the acquisitions.

“My investment group chose to do this. It is not connected to climate,” he wrote.

“The agriculture sector is important. With more productive seeds we can avoid deforestation and help Africa deal with the climate difficulty they already face. It is unclear how cheap biofuels can be but if they are cheap it can solve the aviation and truck emissions.”

Back in January, US magazine The Land Report revealed that Bill and Melinda Gates have amassed the largest portfolio of private farmland in the US, comprising an estimated 242,000 acres of farmland.

This is part of a broader 269,000-acre land portfolio belonging to the couple and associated entities across 19 states, with the largest holdings in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres), and Arizona (25,750 acres).

A spokesperson for Cascade Investment — a firm chaired and controlled by Bill Gates, and possibly what he was referring to as “my investment group” on Reddit — declined to comment on specific land holdings at the time. However, they told The Land Report that Cascade is “very supportive of sustainable farming.”

The firm is a shareholder in plant-based protein companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, as well as agricultural equipment maker John Deere.

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Avatar for Joe Benson Joe Benson says:

That response from the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation is a canned response. Why is a computer guy so involved in farming, vaccines, and lots of other interests that ultimately allow greater control of the population by a few wealthy folks like Gates Foundation, Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), and Jeff Bezos? I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there is plenty of information and videos out there that shed light on their true motives…..it comes straight out of their own mouths in interviews and documents that can be found in plain sight on their own websites.
Common sense will tell you it is never good to put that much control into a few folks hands. Do your homework and research them for yourselves. Censorship is only the start of what they have planned….check it out.

Avatar for john lallemand john lallemand says:

because no one else will buy it—so why not ??

Avatar for Gary Middleton Gary Middleton says:

With more productive seeds we can avoid deforestation? What an ignorant response!! And buying farmland in Africa will help with climate issues? It is about controlling the food supply in part to control population. Simply put they have the monetary resources to buy farmland when many farmers in agriculture cannot!

Avatar for croploss croploss says:

There is an interesting article in The Land Report publication where Gates is on the front cover (Winter 2020). His quoted response above is both nonsense and BS. Gates wants to convert everyone to plant-based foods and eliminate meat in diets because the conversion from plants to edible animals is inefficient and polluting, at least so he claims, and he obviously has the money and ego to push his agenda. Part of that plan does include better? varieties thus the seed comment. He and a few others wield way too much power and influence, much more than is ever publicly revealed. If his true emphasis is really what he publicly claims, he is truly one of the ignorant, naive, easily fooled rich folks on the planet. As for protecting the freedoms citizens of this country, wealth control is way more important than gun control.

Avatar for Kate Williams Kate Williams says:

Bill Gates long term goal is to set back the production of Meat…control of farmlands is a brilliant strategy towards his goal….

Avatar for Jason Jason says:

Oh crap, where did I leave my tinfoil hat?

Avatar for Shawn Shawn says:

I have to agree with others responses, his soap-box answer is simply hiding his true intentions. Unless he plans to send a few billion dollars every year to Brazil he’s not going to stop deforestation. John D Rockefeller is remembered by few as a philanthropist, but by in large he was a tyrant who’s heavy handed tactics forced small companies out of business. It’s interesting how the wealthiest people in the world seemed to be loved for their actions versus despised as they were 100-200 years ago.

Avatar for john lallemand john lallemand says:

because no one else wanted to buy the property—thats how things are bought and sold—–DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Avatar for Kalungi Ronald Kalungi Ronald says:

Yes boss even Uganda’s people wants to grown ur produce what can I do, so that I join u

Avatar for peter Clapperton peter Clapperton says:

Bill Gates is no fool ,he is our best chance at reversing the damaging farm practices used at the moment.
These silly ideas that he wants to control people is what most governments are attempting daily!!!
Watch Woody Harrelson explain in “kiss the ground” on Netflix and you will understand Bill’s Motives