Summer SWeet® SS Bicolor Early Riser

SSW® BC Early Riser combines all the benefits of the SSW® traits with bicolor kernels and early maturity.

Abbott &Cobb introduces the newest addition to the popular Early Riser Series, SS Bicolor Early Riser. It is the bicolor version of popular SSW® gene-type yellow, SS Early Riser. It has very early maturity (68 days) and its ears reach approximately 7.5” in size and has a 16-kernel row count. This variety has great husk protection, an abundance of flags, and excellent kernel contrast, making it ideal for fresh market. It features SSW® grower benefits such as earlier stand establishment, increased yield potential as well as better germination and vigor.  This sweet corn is naturally bred with NCLB resistance and has a medium sized plant. SS Bicolor Early Riser is a great bicolor selection for the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast U.S.

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