10 Tomato Varieties You Need to Check Out [Slideshow]

Breeder: Sakata Seed America Type: Fresh-market, indeterminate cherry Weight: 0.8 oz Resistance: Leaf mold, fusarium wilt (Fol), tobacco mosaic virus (ToMV) Days to Maturity: 65 Region(s): Eastern U.S. Other: Braveheart is suited for low- and mid-tech production. It’s prolific, has a good shelf life, and natural shine. SakataVegetables.com; RuppSeeds.com
Breeder: Sakata Seed America Type: Red round for fresh market Weight: 10 oz on average Resistance: High resistance (HR) to Alternaria stem canker, Fol 1,2,3, Verticillium wilt 1 (Va 1/Vd 1); intermediate resistance (IR) to gray leaf spot and tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) Days to Maturity: 71 Region(s): Midwest; Northeast Other: Early maturing with good potential for size and yield. SakataVegetables.com; RispensSeeds.com
Type: Fresh market red beefsteak Weight: 7-8 ounces plus Days to Maturity: 80-85 Region(s): Southeast and West/Northwest Other: Excellent flavor and an AAS Winner SeedsByDesign.com
Breeder: Syngenta Type: Fresh market, determinate round Weight: 8 ounces Days to Maturity: Mid 70s Region(s): Eastern U.S. Other: Distinct pink coloration, firm fruit, strong plant vigor, and good fruit coverage. Syngenta-US.com; RuppSeeds.com
Breeder: Bejo Seeds Type: Fresh market Roma Weight: 4 oz Disease Resistance: HR: VF2, tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV), late blight; IR: early blight (AB) Days to Maturity: 75 Other: Plum Regal, a determinant, has excellent flavor, extra-thick walls, and deep crimson color. BejoSeeds.com; CliftonSeed.com
Breeder: Sakata Seed America Type: Determinate grape tomato Weight: 12-17 grams Resistance: HR: ToMV (0-2), TSWV, Fol (0-3), Va 1/ Vd 1. IR: three root-knots: Meloidogyne arenaria (Ma), M. incognita (Mi), M. javanica (Mj) Days to Maturity: 65-70 Other: Vigorous setting and size is strong throughout the mid-compact plant, and the final yield potential is high. Ideal for Mexico and the Eastern U.S. SakataVegetables.com; Siegers.com
Type: Beef indeterminate Weight: Predominantly extra large and jumbo fruits. Disease: HR: ToANV, Va:0, Vd:0, Fol:0-2 (US1-3), For.  IR: TSWV, TYLCV. Days to maturity: early maturity Region(s): Wide geographical adaptability. Other: This early maturing, round, beef, determinate variety produces a heavy, concentrated set. It is well adapted to the warm transplanted slot in the southeast and can be used for both the mature green and vine ripe markets. Little or no pruning required. EnzaZaden.us
Type: Thin segment processing Days to Maturity: 120 Yield Potential: 60 tons per acre Region(s): California Other: SVTM1082 was bred by Chad Kramer Seminis-US.com
Valentine from Johnny’s Selected SeedsFresh market indeterminate grape Weight: 12-14 grams Disease Resistance: IR: AB Days to Maturity: 55 Region(s): Widely adapted Other: ‘Valentine’ is exceptionally high in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that also imparts deep crimson color. The flavor is rich and the texture chewy. The plant has a vigorous growth habit that is best suited for outdoor production. Developed in collaboration with Penn State University. JohnnySeeds.com
Type: Beef indeterminate Weight: Predominantly XL fruits Disease Resistance: HR: tomato apex necrosis virus, Va 0/Vd 0, Fol:0-2 (US1-3); IR: TSWV, TYLCV Region(s): Wide geographical adaptability Other: With its strong vigor and desirable plant architecture, this mature green determinate variety is adapted to withstand cold weather conditions. Its strong disease resistance package sets it apart. EnzaZaden.us

Compare these varieties’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.