18 Cantaloupe and Other Melon Varieties Breeders Are Excited About

Compare the wide range of characteristics for this crop to find which ones are a good fit for your vegetable operation. Below you’ll find a key to the disease codes.


Disease Code Key 

  • Ag: Cotton aphid 
  • Fom: Fusarium wilt caused by the specified races of Fusarium oxysporumf.sp.melonis 
  • MNSVMelon necrotic spot virus 
  • Px: Powdery mildew
  • Px (ex Sf): Powdery mildew caused by the specified races of Sphaerotheca fuliginea 
  • S: Sulfur burn caused by the application of some sulfur-based pesticides 
  • ZYMV: Zucchini yellow mosaic virus 
  • PRSV: Papaya ringspot virus 
  • WMV: Watermelon mosaic virus