19 Tomato Varieties You Need to Check Out

Are you in need of new and different tomato varieties to round out your crop portfolio? Scan the photo gallery above for several fresh choices from leading seed breeders and distributors.


Disease Code Key:

HR -High Resistance

IR-Intermediate Resistance


Aal-Alternaria stem canker


FCR-Fusarium crown and root rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp radicis-lycopersici

Ff-Leaf mold caused by Fulvia fulva

Fol-Fusarium wilt

For-Fusarium crown and root rot

On (ex Ol)-Powdery mildew caused by Oidium lycopersicum

Pi-Late blight from Phytophthora infestans

Sbl-Gray leaf spot caused by Stemphylium botryosum f. sp. lycopersici

Sl-Gray leaf spot caused by S. lycopersici

Ss-Gray leaf spot caused by S. solani

TMV-Tobacco mosaic virus

ToANV-Tomato apex necrosis virus

ToMV-Tomato mosaic virus

TSWV-Tomato spotted wilt virus

TYLCV-Tomato yellow leaf curl virus

TYLCV: Is-TYLCV from the Israel strain

V-Verticillium wilt

Va-Verticillium wilt caused by Verticilium albo-atrum

Vd-Verticillium wilt caused by V. dahlia