22 of the Latest Sweet Corn Varieties [slideshow]

American Dream bicolor sweet corn offers high yields, strong tip fill, attractive ear package, and blissful taste. It’s the late-maturing variety we have all dreamed about. Available from Siegers Seed Co. and Stokes Seeds.
Anthem II is a 73 day, SH2, bicolor with excellent eating quality. This Performance Series™ variety offers above- and below-ground insect protection and is tolerant to Roundup® herbicide. Available from Rupp Seeds and Siegers Seed Co.
Part of the next generation of market-leading Triplesweet™ varieties, Aspire offers improved insect control. The Attribute® II trait stack also provides tolerance to Liberty® and Touchdown® herbicides for added flexibility in weed management programs. Aspire matures in approximately 80 days and has an ear length of 8½ inches. Available from Clifton Seed Co.
Under late-season high insect pressure, BSS0761 performed very well in 2016. This 80-day bicolor supersweet is very similar to BSS0982 but includes improved insect-resistance traits. Like BSS0982, BSS0761 also boasts a very attractive husk package, improved eating quality, and tolerance to Liberty® herbicide for added flexibility in weed management programs. Available from Rispens Seeds.
This supersweet variety from Syngenta is 7.25 inches long and is for the fresh shipper market. It has high resistance to: Ps: (Rp1-i) and intermediate resistance to Bm/Et. BSS1075 matures in 77 days and is best suited for production in the Southeast U.S. This variety has excellent tip fill, good husk cover, and a uniform ear size. Available from Syngenta.
Caliber is 8.25 inches long and is for fresh market production. It is rust tolerant and matures in 75 days. With high yield potential, Caliber is best suited for production in the Midwest and Northeast. This variety boasts superb eating quality, refined kernels, and a clean plant. Available from Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. and Rupp Seeds.
This tasty, bicolor sweet corn features main-season maturity, an excellent yield, high eating quality, and an attractive package and ear appearance. Available from Harris Moran Seed Co.
Outshining the competition, bright white sweet corn glACial has incredible white kernels that maintain their white color beyond full maturity. This dual-purpose variety is great for both processing and fresh market, with big ears, reaching 8 inches in length and with excellent tip fill. It is a high-quality sh2 variety maturing in 76 days with incredible eating quality — a great main-season white. Available from Abbott & Cobb and Siegers Seed Co.
honey pACk is the yellow version of the popular commercial variety, snACk pACk. It has ample husk protection and good flags. This sh2 variety has an excellent disease package: high resistance Ps/Rp1D; intermediate Et, and has incredible high quality. It is a main-season variety, maturing in about 79 days. Available from Abbott & Cobb.
Kate is a new bicolor supersweet with exceptional eating quality and is an easy one to recommend for roadside and fresh markets. A medium-dark-green husk and attractive ears combine to make a nice package and appearance. Kate matures in 77 days and carries resistance to rust. Available from Seedway.
Kickoff XR is early maturing at 69 days. It offers excellent seedling vigor, superior eating quality, and excellent ear size in the early slot. Bicolor kernels fill the 7¾-8 inch ears with 16-18 kernel rows. The ears are held at 28 inches on sturdy, 6 foot plants. Available from Harris Seeds, Rupp Seeds, Siegers Seed Co., Rispens Seeds, and Stokes Seeds.
With high eating quality, large ear size, an excellent plant, high yield, great tip fill, and resistance to common rust, this early-season corn is simply an all-around beauty. Available from Harris Moran Seed Co.
Nirvana is an augmented bicolor that is 8 inches long. This fresh market variety has high yield potential and matures in 74 days. It is best suited for production in the Northeast, Northwest, and Midwest. Available from Crookham Co.
This high-quality, augmented supersweet bicolor offers excellent field holding ability, and excellent yield potential. Large 8-8½ inch ears are produced on clean, sturdy, 6 foot plants. The ears fill well to the tip with 16-20 rows of bright-white and deep-yellow kernels. Available from Harris Seeds.
Remedy from Syngenta is an 82 day, Attribute® II variety. This bicolor is similar to BC 0805 but brings improved insect resistance. Available from Syngenta and Rupp Seeds.
Compared to other mid-season bicolors, Rosie has superior eating quality and excellent field-holding ability. Strong, clean 6 foot plants set their beautifully refined ears at 24 inches. The 7¾-8¼ inch ears have a superb eating quality, 16-18 rows, and a nice ear shape. Available from Harris Seeds and Stokes Seeds.
A very popular bicolor, snACk pACk, has incredible eating quality with each kernel jam-packed with great sweet flavor! This sh2 matures in 78 days and is a full season variety, complete with good husk cover and plentiful dark flags. It is ideal for fresh market; with intermediate resistance Ps/Rp1D, Et/Ht1. Available from Abbott & Cobb.
Summer SWeet® SS AChieve, a SSW® genotype, has excellent germ, sturdiness, aggressive vigor, and disease resistance. It also has SRG® aesthetic benefits — attractive darker green plants and husk packages as well as shinier and thicker leaves, making it ideal for fresh market. Available from Abbott & Cobb.
This bicolor has SSW® attributes such as enhanced seed quality, germination, and vigor, as well as extended shelf life. SRG® benefits include darker green plants and husks, straight rows, and excellent tip fill — making it ideal for fresh market. It’s a late-season variety and has an excellent disease package. Available from Abbott & Cobb.
SS Early Riser has great early maturity, 68 days, in addition to SSW® benefits such as superb sweet taste, stronger emergence, stronger stalk and root systems, higher yield potential, and greater vigor. It has intermediate resistance to NCLB and is a great fresh market variety. Available from Abbott & Cobb.
This variety is a Sweet Surprise improvement with resistance to common rust and maize dwarf mosaic virus. Ears are ¼- to ½-inch longer than Sweet Surprise with less propensity to tassel tip. This bicolor supersweet is excellent for both roadside and wholesale markets. Available from Rispens Seeds.
SV9010SA is an sh2 bicolor that is 8 inches long and matures in 81 days. This fresh market variety has high resistance to Rp1D and RpG (some races of common rust) and intermediate resistance to Northern corn leaf blight and Stewart’s disease. Best suited for production in the Northeast, Southeast, and West, SV9010SA combines great taste with insect control traits. Available from Seminis.

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