5 Components To Help Streamline The Irrigation Process

5 Components To Help Streamline The Irrigation Process

Hortau for webST Irrigation Management Systems


Hortau’s new generation of ST irrigation management systems allow growers to measure up to eight inputs in real time, as well as remote start irrigation via automation using its web-based software and mobile applications.

The patented irrigation management platform helps manage plant stress using soil tension, ensuring optimal crop growth while reducing water use by an average of 30%. The system also drastically reduces energy consumption and fertilizer leaching, ensuring moisture and essential nutrients remain in the root zone.

The platform uses proprietary sensors to measure soil tension at multiple depths, temperature (shielded and unshielded), relative humidity, weather data, as well as monitor water use via pressure switches and flow meter monitoring. The company’s software also allows growers to set up frost alerts, notifying users by phone in real time when critical weather factors are present in the field.

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