Emerion Herbicide USDA Certified as 100% Biobased

Emerion Herbicide USDA Certified as 100% Biobased

The line of Emerion herbicide products from Emery Oleochemicals has earned the USDA’s Certified Biobased Product label for its weed control solutions.


Emerion 7000 Concentrate, Emerion 7030 Concentrate and Emerion 7020 Concentrate, have each been certified by the USDA as being a 100% biobased product. In addition, the Emerion 7020 and 7030 Concentrate products are also OMRI Listed for Organic Production and Organic Garden Use, respectively.

Emerion herbicide is a natural-based non-selective, contact weed control for burn down of weeds and grasses. The herbicides are biodegradable, tolerance exempt, with a four-hour pre-harvest interval, and a half-life of 24 hours.

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