Know Why Your Integrated Pest Management Program Is Struggling

You won’t want to miss the first of two keynote talks at Biocontrols Conference USA West! The first focuses on how to make IPM work for you and your farm. The second keynote spotlights why planning your biological control program is vital to its success. The conference takes place March 14-15 at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront.


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Take a look at the two keynotes, as well as one of the most popular sessions at Biocontrols Conference — a review of new products!

Three Reasons Why Your Integrated Pest Management Program Is Struggling

Charlie McKenzie, Director of Partnership/Co-founder, CropWalk/CropTalk

Integrated Pest Management is a dynamic process that is ever-changing. The learning curve can be steep, so taking a step back to analyze your system and approach is imperative. There are numerous variables to consider when auditing a struggling pest management program. In this talk, you’ll learn about three specific challenge areas growers in fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and cannabis are currently facing, and how you can prevent your program from experiencing the same. Join Charlie McKenzie to learn about the toolbox growers have at their disposal, how important a quality scouting program is, and what it might take to ultimately solve your challenge.

Strategizing & Planning Your Biological Control program is Key to Success

Ronald Valentin, Director of Technical Business, BCA. BioWorks

To be successful with a pest management program based on a biological control strategy, a few key components are critical. In this session, specialty crop growers and consultants will learn a game plan that will help you address these pieces of a successful program. Key elements will include: Using biological control as a first line of defense; ‘Clean’ young plants (including pests as well as residues); Starting early in the production process — ideally immediately at seeding or during cutting production and or rooting; Compatibility of BCAs, biopesticides, and traditional chemistry during the crop cycle — where there’s a fit, and where could it cause trouble; and, Planning your program to make sure biocontrol products are available when you need them. You’ll learn from practical, real-world examples that can help you to implement and optimize your pest management strategy.

Biocontrol Products You Need to Know for 2019

Learn about the best new and soon-to-be released biochemical, microbial, biological control agent, and biostimulants technologies for the upcoming season. Experts from some of the world’s leading biological products suppliers will walk attendees through the latest technology in pest management that you can put to work in your operation in 2019.