12 Sweet Corn Varieties Florida Growers Can Count On

'ACcentuate' is a high yielding sh2 yellow sweet corn that has good tip fill and straight rows. Its large ears make it well adapted to shorter days and stress conditions. It’s a late season variety, maturing in 81 days, with a great husk package, and a clean plant type that resists lodging. It has high resistance to Ps, Et, Bm,  and Pst. ACseed.com.
The next generation of market-leading Triplesweet™ varieties, 'Aspire' offers improved insect control to protect crops against pest damage to maximize marketable ears.  The Attribute® II trait stack also provides tolerance to Liberty® and Touchdown® herbicides for added flexibility in weed management programs. This yellow corn variety matures in approximately 80 days with an ear length of about 8.5 inches. CliftonSeed.com
Outshining the competition, new bright white sweet corn 'Glacial' has incredible white kernels that maintain their white color beyond full maturity. This dual-purpose variety is great for both processing and fresh market, with big ears, reaching 8 inches in length and with excellent tip fill. It is a high-quality sh2 variety maturing in 76 days with incredible eating quality —  a great main season white. ACseed.com.
There is nothing mellow about this yellow. 'honey pACk' is loaded with super sweet flavor making this hybrid sweet corn truly worthy of its name. It’s the yellow version of the popular commercial variety, 'snACk pACk.' It has ample husk protection and good flags. In addition, this sh2 variety has an excellent disease package with high resistance to Ps/Rp1D and intermediate resistance to  Et. It has incredible high quality. 'honey pACk' is a main season variety maturing in approximately 79 days. ACseed.com.
A very popular bicolor, 'snACk pACk' has incredible eating quality with each kernel jam-packed with great sweet flavor. This sh2 matures in 78 days and is a full-season variety complete with good husk cover and plentiful dark flags. It is a high-quality variety ideal for fresh market with intermediate disease resistance to Ps/Rp1D, and Et/Ht1. ACseed.com.
In Florida trials, 'Starcraft' has been a consistent performer in the fall and spring with great tipfill and an excellent package. It has good lodging tolerance, moderate Southern Leaf Blight tolerance, and Common rust resistance (RpG). It has very good eating quality. Seedway.com
'SS AChieve,' a SSW® genotype, has the germ, sturdiness, aggressive vigor, and disease resistance to help successfully reach your planting goals. In addition to SSW® growing qualities, it also has SRG® aesthetic benefits — displaying attractive darker green plants and husk packages as well as shinier and thicker leaves; making it ideal for fresh market. This yellow variety is a late season selection. ACseed.com.
With 'SS ACtivate' you can ignite an unbeatable sweet corn program that dominates the market. This bi-color has SSW® attributes such as enhanced seed quality, germination, and vigor as well as extended shelflife. Its SRG® benefits such as rich, darker green plants and husks as well as straight rows and excellent tip fill give this variety a superior attractive appearance — making it ideal for fresh market. It’s a late season variety, maturing in 83 days, and has an excellent disease package. ACseed.com.
'SS28802MR' is a new SSW® sweet corn with improved rust and NCLB resistance. In addition to having the natural SSW® traits (stronger root systems and stalks, better germ and aggressive vigor) this bi-color also has SRG® benefits, such as significantly darker green plants, husks and thicker leaves that maintain well beyond maturity. These benefits make it a superior and attractive fresh market selection for both growers and end consumers. This variety is ideal for a late season time slot, maturing in approximately 81 days. ACseed.com.
'8102R Plus' has all the attributes that made the original bi-color '8102' a true fan favorite — a reliable performer, nice cylindrical ears, excellent husk protection — in addition to more rust resistance. This late-season variety matures in approximately 81 days. It is a great fresh market sh2 variety with good disease tolerance: (high resistance) Ps; (intermediate resistance ) Et, Bm, and Pst. ACseed.com.
This brilliant white variety has exceptional kernel color, a nice dark husk, and excellent flags. Maturing in approximately 79 days, '8909MRW' offers multiple disease resistance as well as excellent husk protection. It has high resistance to  Ps and  intermediate resistance to Et, and Bm. ACseed.com.
This sweet corn matures in 80 days. It has high sugar content. It grows an outstanding, strong, clean plant with high yields. It is easier pick compared to others on the market. Siegers.com

Today’s vegetable seed breeders continue to enhance varieties with not only better aesthetics and flavor profiles, but also with improved disease resistance. All of those qualities are of interest and importance to Florida growers.

Open your eyes and ears to the latest and greatest sweet corn cultivars.