Vegetable Industry’s 34 Power Growers In 2014

Vegetable Industry’s 34 Power Growers In 2014


Grinnell Heritage Farm, Grinnell
Grower Andy Dunham is active with the Practical Farmers of Iowa and has given many talks and presentations to fellow growers. He has installed large coolers for postharvest handling and storage.

Rinehart Farms, Ogden
Owner Greg Rinehart has two high tunnels in which he experiments with different crops. Recently he has begun contracting with Birds Eye to grow processing sweet corn and peas.



The Great Pumpkin Patch, Arthur
This operation features 63 acres of more than 300 varieties of pumpkins, squash, and gourds from 30 countries, and welcomes more than 50,000 visitors each year.

Rendleman Orchards, Alto Pass
Rendelman has a complete no-till vegetable transplant pro-duction system, which consists
of transplants being direct planted into cereal rye and crim-son clover.


Kercher’s Sunrise Orchards, Goshen
Sunrise Orchards grows more than 800 acres of vegetables and was one of the first tray packers in the Midwest with its Sunrise Select Super Sweet Corn 4-Pack.


Benedict Produce Farm, Chambersburg
Owner Keith Benedict pays close attention to soil and leaf testing, and fine-tunes pesticide applications to maximize production of quality produce.

Brian Campbell Farms, Berwick
Brian Campbell Farms was key in changing the base yield of sweet corn for disaster payment in Pennsylvania.

Mike Fink’s Produce, Germansville
This farm recently expanded production by purchasing farmland in north central Pennsylvania to start growing processing crops.

Miller Plant Farms, Harrisburg
Miller Plant Farms received a Century Farm award from the state Department of Agriculture, and has an 11,500-square-foot retail greenhouse.

Spiral Path, Loysville
Spiral Path produces organic vegetable crops for its CSA, serving hundreds of members at 44 different pickup locations.

Strites Orchard, Harrisburg
Strites Orchard offers a variety of crops from broccoli to onions. Jonathan Strite’s motto is “Buy fresh, buy local.”


New York:
K.S. Datthyn Farms, Sodus
Ken Datthyn embraces new onion production practices for his Dutchboy brand onions that will reduce inputs and maximize profits.

2013 Grower Achievement Award Recipient: Torrey Farms

Maureen Torrey of Torrey Farms, is also a past recipient of American Vegetable Grower’s Grower Achievement Award.

Gotham Greens, New York
Jenn Nelkin Frymark directs hydroponic production at Gotham Greens, a rooftop greenhouse company. A recent project is the rooftop greenhouse on a new Whole Foods market in Manhattan.

Mortellaro Farms, Elba
Matt Mortellaro looks for new onion production and protection practices that will reduce inputs and maximize profits. He collaborates on Cornell University research projects.

Torrey Farms, Elba
A past Grower Achievement Award recipient, Torrey Farms produces a variety of vegetables on approximately 7,000 acres. The principal players on the farm advocate for our industry.

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